All the students who are admitted to Government First Grade College, Vijayanagara shall strictly follow the guidelines laid down by the college.

Code of conduct for students: Students

  • Shall maintain the highest degree of discipline inside and outside the campus.
  • Shall abide by the rules and regulations of the college and conduct in such a way that highlights the esteem of the college.
  • Shall have a minimum of 75% to appear for university exams.
  • Shall attend all the classes and maintain discipline in the classroom without indulging in activities which damage the integrity of the classroom.
  • Shall not enter or leave the classroom without the permission of the teacher.
  • Shall wear uniforms on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday
  • Shall wear  college identity cards on all the days, students are not permitted to enter the campus without identity cards
  • Shall not stay in the college after the classes
  • shall utilize the library during free time
  • shall not loiter/whistle/scream/talk in the corridor which may attract punishment from disciplinary committee.
  • shall not consume alcohol/intoxicants/drugs which attract strict punishment and suspension. Alcohol consumption, drug abuse, and smoking is strictly prohibited. Students indulged in such illegal activities shall attract stringent punishment.
  • shall not discriminate individuals based on caste, creed, community, gender, color, language, marital status, physical or mental disability.
  • shall not involve in anti-social activities
  • shall not use mobile phones as the usage of mobile phones is strictly prohibited
  • shall not tease or use abusive words or touch the girl students and in case if it happens, will be referred to anti-sexual harassment cell and the punishment given will be final. Anti-Sexual harassment cell is constituted as per UGC norms-prevention, prohibition and reddressal of sexual harassment of women employees and students in higher education institutions (UGC Regulations 2015).
  • Shall not indulge in ragging. Anti-ragging cell is constituted and functional. Ragging will attract stringent punishment and it is a crime. Students involved in ragging will be debarred from the college and FIR will be lodged.
  • shall not be in the possession of arms, ammunition, explosives, potential weapons contrary to law.
  • shall not be in contact or member of any terrorist group or underworld group.
  • Shall not fight with other students and shall not manhandle/cause injuries/use abusive words to other students. which will attract punishment. It will be brought to the notice of the Discipline Committee and the punishment will be given as per the decision of the committee headed by the Principal.
  • shall not destroy the college property. If done so, the student responsible has to replace or bear the cost of the repair.
  • shall respect Principal, Teaching and non-teaching staff.
  • shall not manhandle/cause physical injuries to other students or staff which invites strict legal punishment
  • shall make use of all the facilities optimally
  • shall actively take part in Institutional Social Responsibility by becoming members in NCC,NSS, YRC, Rangers, and Rovers
  • shall take part in curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities
  • shall not use plastics unnecessarily on the campus and shall not use the plastic files for submitting assignments.
  • shall maintain the campus green and clean.
  • shall not indulge in malpractices during Internal Assessment tests and Bangalore University examinations. If found guilty, will be debarred for taking examinations as per BU guidelines
  • shall follow UGC, DCE and Bangalore University guidelines.

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