Research and Consultancy


Vision: To nourish the research culture that nurtures the development of nation, society and environment.
Mission: To encourage the students and faculty to engage in research for a larger purpose of teaching learning philosophy.
1. Establish a multidisciplinary research culture amongst the students and faculty community.
2. Respond to the emerging international, national and regional issues and challenges.
3. Evolve newer methodologies to obtain novel findings.
4. Encourage field visits.
5. Organize the workshops and faculty development programs to familiarize with newer methodologies.
6. Organize symposiums workshops and conference to interact with the research scholars.
7. Publish research compendiums for research fellows and faculty.
8. Collaborations with Institute of International and National repute.
9. Enter into MOU with research centres for resources.
10. Enter into MOU with publishers for ISSN anthologies.

About Research and Consultation Committee
Research is an inbuilt culture in the teaching /learning practices of the Institution, as many of the faculty have penchant for research and there are also 5 post graduation programs.
The committee sets a platform through committee’s calendar of events & IQAC to merge students, faculty, peer group, intelligentsia of national and international repute to engage in the primary research activities like seminars, symposiums and workshops. In the secondary level, it publishes the proceedings of the same and also has jumped to another level by publishing peer reviewed ISSN research anthologies for the teaching fraternity to support them for their AGP and ISBN research anthology for research fellows in the state.
Many departments of the Institution come together to conduct FDP’s thus creating an environment for the production of knowledge and as a testimony 7 FDP’s were conducted both offline and online.
To strengthen the discourse with distinct strength, FDP’S, seminars etc are organized with collaborations and MOU’S, thus extending the research network and enabling for different streams of methods and philosophies to flow and create a newer version of knowledge.
It supports the faculty to engage in research through major and minor projects. The understanding incurred in the process of research is shared with the faculty and students through ‘REACH – A platform to share knowledge’. As a result of all these quality endeavours, the faculty have National, International publications with good Scopus index and are engaged in quality consultancies and policy making.

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