Research papers of teachers in the Journals notified on UGC website during the last five years 
Title of paper Name of the author/s Department of the teacher Name of journal Year of publication ISSN number  
Objectification of women in advertisements- some ethical issues Dhanyashree.C.M English RJELAL 2015 2321-3108  
Dreams stolen (poem) Madhumathi.B.S English Journal of elt and poetry 2015 2347-887X  
Analysis of errors in subject-verb agreement among Bangalore Urban government degree college Sowmya Raj.B.M English RJELAL 2015 284-286      
Bounds for the second Hankel determinant of certain bi-univalent functions Yamini.J Mathematics Turkish Journal of Mathematics  Oct-15 1300-0098.  
FEKETE-SZEGO INEQUALITIES FOR CLASSES OF BI-CONVEX FUNCTIONS Yamini.J Mathematics The Journal of analysis 2016 0971-3611  
The concept of new woman In the women writers west: Olive schreiner, Sarah Grand and Mona caird Fahmeeda.P English Journal of Eltif January- March 2016 2230-7710  
Coinage of vijayanagar Empine Rekha.H.G History Imperial journal of Inter-Desciplinary Research 2016 2454-1362  
On coincidence and common fixed point of six maps satisfying F-contractions Maheshwari.P.G Mathematics Surveys in Mathematics and its application 2015 1842-6298  
Fixed points on hybrid contractive condition in partially ordered metric space Maheshwari.P.G Mathematics Journal of Non linear & convex analysis Nov-16 1137-1149  
Co-incidence and common fixed point of F-contraction via CLRst property Maheshwari.P.G Mathematics Surveys in Mathematics and its application 2016 183-7265  
Certain subclasses of Bi-star like and Bi-convex functions based on Quasi subordination Yamini.J Mathematics Abstract and applied analysis Journal 2016 1085-3375   
The phenomena of retrograde motion and visibility of interior planets in Bhaskara’s  works”  Shailaja.M Mathematics  Ganita Bharati volume-37 No1-2   (JUN-DEC-2015)   0970-0307  
True position of planets according to karana kutuhalam Shailaja.M Mathematics  Ganita Bharati volume-37 No1-2   (JUN-DEC-2015)   0970-0307  
An Analytical study on Shareholding pattern and performance of indian Firms Latha.B.V Commerce IJRAR 4/12/2018 E-2348-1269, P-2349-5138  
Development of silk Industry, During the rule if Princely Mysore State Rekha.H.G History International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews 3/9/2018 E-2348-1269, P-2349-5138  
An Economic analysis nof information technology diffusion in health care: A case study of select Hospitals in Bangalore Pramila.C Economics International Journal of Creative Research Thoughts Apr-18 2320-2882  
Information Technology Diffusion in Healthcare Sector in Bangalore Pramila.C Economics International Journal of Creative Research Thoughts Apr-18 2320-2882  
Animal Husbandry and Dairying for Development H.S.Karibasavaiah Economics Remarking-Multi Disciplinary International Journal 2018 2394-0344(P), 2455-0817(E)  
Investigation of Fuzzy Approaches for Software Process Improvements with respect to GSD Projects Meenakshi.T Computer science IJARTET 12-Apr-18 2394-3777(P), 2394- 3785(O)  
Integrated Fuzzy multi-Criteria Decision Making Approach for Assessment of Software Process Improvement with Reference to Global Software Development projects Meenakshi.T Computer science IJPAM 2018 1314-3395  
Impacts of core shell structure on structural and photoluminescence properties of CaTiO3 :Sm3+, Li+ nanoparticles for solid state display applications Vijaya V Shanbhag Physics Material Science express 19-May 2053-1591  
Coefficient estimates for a class of bi-univalent functions associated with quasi-subordination Dr. Yamini. J Mathamatics CREATIVE MATHAMATICS AND INFORMATICS 2018 ISSN 1584-286X  
Fekete-Szeg\"{0} problem and Second Hankel Determinant for a class of bi-univalent functions Dr. Yamini. J Mathamatics TBILISH MATHAMATICAL Journal 2018 ISSN 1512-0139  
Plight of Women Workers in Garment Industry of Bangalore District Karibasavaiah H S Economics International Journal of Academic Research (Impact Factor 6.023) Aug-17 ISSN 2548 - 7666  
The Haridasa movement in Karnataka - An Analytical Study Dr. Smitha M Bhavikatte History Review of Research( Impact Factor 5.2331(UIF)) Sep-17 ISSN 2249-894X  
Angular Diameters(bimba) of the Sun, Moon & Earth's shadow cone in Indian Astronomy Shailaja.M Mathematics Indian journal of History of Science IJHS),  Volume 52, Issue 2 Jun-17 ISSN 2454-9991  
Peripheries of epicycles in Grahalaghava Shailaja. M Mathamatics Journal of Asronomical History and Heritage  Dec-17 ISSN-1440-2807  
Friezes of Horses As Depicted In Hoysala Temples Rekha H G History Imperial Journal of Interdisciplinary Research (Impact Factor 3.7) May-17 ISSN 2545-1362  
Coinage of Vijayanagara Empire Rekha H G History Imperial Journal of Interdisciplinary Research (Impact Factor 3.7) 2017 ISSN 2545-1362  
Acquisition and Financial Performance: A Study of Pre and Post-Acquisition Status of Indian Pharmaceutical Companies Pallavi Management Restaurant Business 2019  0097-8043  
Determinants of Merger and Acquisition: An Indian Pharmaceutical Industry Perspective Pallavi Management International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (IJRTE) 2019 2277-3878  
A Study on Wave of Mergers and Acquisition in Indian Pharma Industry Pallavi Management THINK INDIA 2019 0971-1260  
Development of Iconography of Gajendra Moksha with Special Reference to Hoysala Art Rekha HG History American-Eurasian Network for Scientific Information 2019 ISSN 0025-1348 (p) 2456-1356 (o)  
Sati Memorial Stones of Vijayanagara period A Study Rekha HG History History Research Journal 2019 ISSN 0976-5425  
Narrative theme of Sarabeshwaramurthi in Hoysala Art Rekha HG History Think India Journal 2019 ISSN 0971 1260  
Perfection of Narrative theme of Tripurantakamurti with special reference to Hoysala Art Rekha HG History Studies in Indian Place Name 2020 2394-3114  
study of frozen dialogues of Panchatantra fables in Badami Chalukyan Art Rekha HG History studies in Indian place names 2020 2394-3114  
Evolution of Narrative theme of Bikshatanamurti with special reference to Hoysala Art Rekha HG History Tathapi 2020 2320-0693  
On the Chebyshev polynomial bounds for λ-convex and μ-starlike functions Dr.Yamini J Mathematics Thai Journal of Mathematics 2019 1686-0209  
Initial Bounds for Certain Classes of Bi-Univalent Functions Defined by Horadam Polynomials Dr.Yamini J Mathematics Abstract and Applied Analysis 2020 1085-3375  
Horadam Polynomial coefficient estimates for the classes of λ –bi-pseudo-starlike and Bi-Bazilevič Functions Dr.Yamini J Mathematics The Journal of Analysis 2020 2367-2501  
Luminesce properties of CaTiO3 Sm3 in solid state display application. Vijaya V Shanabhag Physics Material research express 2019 ISSN  




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