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B.A. in (2nd Year and 3rd Year)

a) History , Economics ,Political Science

b) History , Economics, Sociology

c) History , Economics, Optional Kannada

d) Journalism, Sociology, Optional Kannada

e) History ,Economics, Geography

f) Psychology, Sociology Optional English

g) History , Economics Psychology

h) Psychology, Journalism, Communicative English

Three years


B.A in (As per NEP from 2021-22)

a) History

b) Economics

c) Sociology

d) Political Science

e) Optional Kannada

f) Journalism

g) Geography

h) Psychology

i) Optional English

j) Communicative English

Three years


Three years


Three years

B.Sc.  in (2nd Year and 3rd Year)

a) Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science

b) Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics

c) Chemistry, Botany, Zoology

Three years

B.Sc.,  in (As per NEP from 2021-22)

  a) Physics

  b)  Mathematics

  c) Computer Science

  d) Chemistry

  e) Botany

  f) Zoology

Three years


Three years


Two years


Two years

   MA in Kannada

Two years

   MA in Economics

Two years

   MA in English

Two years

   MA in History

Two years

   M.Sc. in  Mathematics

Two years

  Ph.D in Kannada

Three years


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