Major projects


                           MAJOR RESEARCH PROJECTS

Name of the Project/ Endowments, Chairs   A Comprehensive Study of Grahalaghavas arini Lifestyle deasesin rural women due to urbanization -A case study in Bangalore rural People's Biodiversity Resister of Ramanagar district, Karnataka
Name of the Principal Investigator/Co-investivator  DR.SHAILAJA.M  DR.SHUBHA  DR.MAMATA.N
Department of Principal Investigator  MATHEMATICS  BOTANY BOTANY
Year of Award  May-19  Jun-19  Oct-17
Amount Sanctioned  Rs.1,78,000/-  Rs.7,85,000/-  Rs.13,14,000/-
Duration of the project  One Year  Two years  Four years
Name of the Funding Agency  INSA, NEWDELHI  ICSSR, NewDelhi  Social Forestry Division Forest Dept. Govt. of Karnataka
Type  (Government/non-Government)  Government  Government Government
Status of the project  0ngoing  0ngoing 0ngoing

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