Minor Research Projects


 INSA Funded Minor Research Project

Name of the Project/ Endowments, Chairs Name of the Principal Investigator/Co-investivator Department of Principal Investigator Year of Award Amount Sanctioned Duration of the project Name of the Funding Agency Type  (Government/non-Government) Status
A Comprehensive study of Grahalaghava sarini Dr.Shailaja.M Mathematics May-19 Rs.2,28,000/- Two years   INSA NewDelhi Government Completed

                                Completed Minor Research Projects

Slno      Subject Principal Investigator                                      Title of Project
1 English Fahmeeda.P Liberalization And The Construction Of The Female Characters In Contemporary Indian TV Serials.
2 Commerce Geetha.A Study Of Organized Retailing In Bangalore-A Case Study With Selected Hypermarkets.
3 Political Science Dr.Umadevi Human rights in real perspective with special reference to Basavanna.Sarvagnya and Kanakadasaru
4 Geography Shivanna. M.B  Implicaton of rural development programmes on socio-economic status:A case study of Kudlur Grama Panchayat,Ramnagaram Dist, Karnataka State.
5 Commerce Latha.B.V An Analytical And Comparative Study Of Equity Share Pattern Of Selected Industries In Karnataka With Special Reference.
6 Kannada Dr.Ningamaraiah Social and cultural study of Tribals and other communities in Kanakapura Taluk
7  English  Sowmya Raj.B.M  Researching The Pedagogy Of English Writing—A Bridge To Prosperity In The Global World.
8 Physics Vijaya V Shanbagh    Synthesis ,Characterisation,Magnetic and Electrical properties of Lam 1-xCux(M=Cr,Mn,Fe,Co,Ni and Cu),
9 Kannada Dr.Lalithamba  N.R. A Linguistic Study Of Kannada Kyfieths and !adathas of Post Vijayanagar Period
10 Mathematics Shailaja.M  Mathematical analysis of Astronomical Tables
11 Commerce   SuchethaHosamane   The Impact Of Bangalore Metro Rail Project On Retail Business-A Case Study.
12  Commerce  Manjula R   Performances  Of Women Self Help Group In Bengaluru Urban District-A Case Study.
13 Mathematics Yamini J  Region of variability of certain subclasses of univalent function   
14 Sciology Saraswathi.M  Sociological Study Of Rural Women Education And Occupation.
15 Sociology Shashikala.S A Study Of Violence Against Women In Bangalore City.
16 Commerce  Nagaraju. M  Problems And Prospects Of Small Scale Industries With Special Reference To Bangalore Rural District.
17 Botany  Rathna Kumari B.M. Phycological Studies In Different Habitats Of Chitradurga Fort, Chitradurga, Karnataka.

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