Green campus initiatives





1.       Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

2.       Less paper governance, all circulars are shared in WhatsApp.

3.       Say no to plastics. Plastic carry bags & files are  banned in the campus

4.       Separation of dry waste and wet waste

5.       Mulching

6.       Composting

7.       Rain water harvesting

8.       Clean and green campus with  plantation with nearly 100 trees

9.       To organize regular environment related programs

10.   Publication of the Flora of the college

11.   MoUs to organize workshops on Terrace gardening, vermicomposting

12.   Webinars on green initiatives

13.   Celebration of Green Week

14.   Organising rallies to give awareness on environmental issues

15.   Replacing regular bulbs with CFL

16.   Disposal of hazardous waste in a proper way

17.   Separate bin for e-waste

18.   No chemical fertilizers and pesticides are used in the campus

19.   Field visits, documentary shows to understand nature and protect it.

20.   Proposal to install solar lights in Principal Chamber and Office.

21.   Students projects on environmental issues





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