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GFGC, Vijayanagar,Bangalore, Alumni Association Member Application Form Link


Alumni association was registered on 1/6/2013 under the Karnataka Association’s registration Act 1960. The registration number of the association is SOR/RJR/S93/2013-14. The body comprise of 18 members.

  1. G.S. Vishwanath, the President
  2. Priyadarshini, Vice President
  3. Umesh N. Vice President
  4. Manju K, Vice President
  5. Somashekhar, Chief Secretary
  6. Parameshwar, Treasurer,
  7. Eraiah D.S.and Maheshkumar C.S. Joint Secretaries,
  8. Nagabhushan S
  9. Ravikumar L
  10. Ambika A.R. Kusuma M
  11. C. Jaykumar,Organizing secretaries
  12. Puroshottam D., and K.S. Madhu, conveners
  13. Shobha R, Manjunath N, Accountants
  14. Harish T. as Legal Advisor

The association, in its registration form has declared its aims and ives. It has three folds. Organizing, Supporting for the Academic activities, and supporting for the co curricular and extracurricular activities. In the first layer, it declares to strengthen the association by increasing the members. And through this, it attempts to motivate the members in participating in all the activities which foster the development of the Institution. Through this, it also hopes to carve a niche for the association. In the second layer, it declares to associate itself in all the academic activities of the Institution, by organizing various programs such as guidance to employment opportunities, organizing coaching classes for competitive exams, organizing research methodology classes and organizing seminars and symposiums. In the third layer, it attempts to provide platforms for the sportspersons, budding writers and other talents of the institution outside the institution. Thus, the budding association is trying to intervene for a meaningful change.


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