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Internal Quality Assessment Cell


The internal Quality Assessment Cell of our institution is a dynamic system ensuring continuous quality enhancement since its inception in 2006 by initiating, evolving, nurturing and institutionalizing the best practices. It strives to reorient and revamp the quality educational/institutional culture excluding deficiencies if any. It strives to develop a structured process for introspection of the quality contributing players to support the continuous growth of the HEI. Achieving higher quality and its sustainability is a real challenge in HEI and this requires incessant feedback from all the stakeholders and assessment and redressal of the same requires a lot of effort which is planned, implemented and executed by IQAC supported by staff and students.

     ‘Team work’ is the motto of IQAC of the HEI as it always keeps faith in ‘work together, march ahead without a pause and succeed’ which is reflected in the continuous qualitative growth of the institution. The various committees of the HEI are partnered, encouraged, supported, and guided ively by IQAC to complement departments for the accomplishment of quality enhancement and sustenance

      It acts as a nodal agency for all the quality-related activities of the HEI. It directs the faculty to deliver a coherent curriculum efficiently and effectively through a well-organized action plan audited regularly by IQAC, HODs and the Principal. IQAC organizes online/offline regional, state and national level seminars and conferences regularly on various domains of higher education for faculty, office staff, students and the general public.

   There is escalated competition for graduates with excellent and skilled attributes globally. There is a continuous change in the specific graduate requirement also across the globe for which IQAC of the HEI is working continuously and tirelessly work to meet the demand by structuring, guiding various certificate courses and skill enhancement activities. IQAC brings in synergies between academic and research by instilling research acumen among faculty and students.


To create an appropriate ambience for academic and research activities converged with co-curricular activities supported by governance

To direct and partner the staff and students towards the accomplishment of the Vision of the institution.


  1. To work towards the accomplishment of the vision, mission and ives of the institution.
  2. Institutionalizing the quality culture to accomplish continuous and sustainable growth 
  3. To evolve and institutionalize the best practices 
  4. To act as a cohesive unit in the institution to achieve academic excellence in all the spheres of education.
  5. To act as a nodal agency to promote and strengthen research activities through training, research projects and publications thereby enhancing research acumen among faculty and students

Functions of IQAC:

  1. To conduct regular meetings to plan and implement the work to reach the set benchmark for enhancing quality principles in teaching, learning, skill enhancement and research among faculty and students
  2. To promote dynamic quality culture in the institution through the continuous academic audit.
  3. It orients new batch of students and their parents to the HEI at the beginning of the academic year and familiarizes them with the guidelines and principles to be followed on the campus
  4. Motivating faculty to adapt blended teaching and familiarize them to acquire the required skills by organizing and motivating them to participate in online/offline seminars, workshops, conferences etc., 
  5. To achieve synergies between academic and research through collaborations and MOUs with other organisations and institutions
  6. Advanced and slow learners are the key components of any HEI. IQAC helps and guides faculty to identify them. IQAC and faculty work out strategies to implement activities to make slow and advanced learners achieve higher accomplishments.
  7. To ensure adequacy and maintenance of support systems for sustainable quality academic ambience.
  1. To encourage and provide opportunity to talented students by tapping, training and giving exposure in various extracurricular domains of higher education.
  2. It supports the principal and office in documenting the faculty achievements and channelize the placement of faculty through verification, documentation and communication to DCE.
  3. IQAC acts as a between SQAC and HEI for quality check of the HEI
  4. Greening of the campus, green and energy audits are facilitated by IQAC and it directs faculty to stress environment protection inside and outside the classroom and encourages, plans beyond the campus environment protection activities.
  5. Stakeholder participation is encouraged by IQAC in the activities of the HEI to inculcate leadership qualities among students.
  6. It motivates committees and departments to conduct such activities that make students imbibe environmental consciousness and social commitment and instil patriotic and inclusive values vital to build the nation.


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