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Home Science is a scientifically planned interdisciplinary field of study with its mission to empower individual, family and community.
There are five areas under the umbrella of Home Science
1.Human Development
2.Family Resource Management
3.Food and Nutrition
4.Textile and Clothing
5.Extension Education and Communication

The Curriculum and the different areas of discipline provides scientific knowledge and helps in developing skills that are relevant to the modern day women in order to meet the growing demands in the present scenario.

Smt. V.H.D Central Institute offers Home Science in various combinations along with other Science and Arts subjects at the P.U.C. level, wherein the students obtain basic knowledge of all the subjects of Home Science.

At the undergraduate level students can further opt for Home Science as one of the optional subject either with science or arts stream, or can choose pure Home Science course such as Composite Home Science, Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics.

At the Post graduate level students can further specialize in any discipline of Home Science and Sociology. The five departments in Home Science and the department of Sociology has been recognized by Bangalore University as ‘Research Centre’. Students can pursue their Ph.D. research work in any discipline of Home Science.

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