Insitutional Distinctiveness

Majority of our students are first generation students belonging to socially and economically backward sections of the society. So the college is functioning in the direction of the betterment of this under privileged students by providing them quality education and other amenities like access to newspapers, magazines and reference books.
The following are provisions made to the students
 Computer Lab is available to the students for equipping them with the latest technology.
 The college provides platform for the students to showcase their hidden talents (cultural activities, sports events)
 Economic support is also provided to the needy and meritorious students.
 Strengthening of teaching methods and learning process
 We try our best to inculcate secular values among the students and groom them to be responsible citizens.
The performance of the institution in one area distinctive to its vision, priority and thrust is imparting quality education and improve the teaching methods and motivate good learning among the students. The initiative taken as helped the students perform well in the final examination and produce good results.
Conclusion Remarks
To conclude the Institution has strived sincerely to implement the guidelines and policiies recommended by the Universiy. A great effort is put by the teaching faculty to teach potential in achieving all round academic excellence by laying a strong foundation for the growth of the institution. The College continuously revises its strategic plans and ives to ensure food governance management, administration and academics. The Institution is committed to student centric practices. Emphasis is given to academic excellence and up holds the vision, mission and core values of the institution

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    Updated on 10/03/2019

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      The NSS Committee in association with IQAC Committee conducted International Yoga Day , All the faculties and students attended the program and performed yogasana. The program was presided by the Principal Dr. C Chandrappa-21/06/2022 to 31/12/2025

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