Policies and Procedures - PAS Facilities

Policies and Procedures for maintaining and utilizing Physical, academic and support facilities


The college has adequate policies and procedures for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support (PAS) facilities. The overall policy of the institution is to maintain and utilize physical, academic and support facilities through the system of decentralization. As it is a government institution, the physical, academic and support facilities are maintained and utilized in conformity to the rules and regulations of the Government of Karnataka.

Overall Policies and Procedures

  • The maintenance and utilization of PAS facilities are governed by the rules and regulations laid down by the Government of Karnataka.
  • The Principal of the college is the Head of all PAS facilities of the institution.
  • The College Development Committee (CDC) headed by the Member of the Legislative Assembly, periodically assesses augmentation and maintenance of PAS facilities.
  • The Institution has envisaged the Post of Estate Manager (EM) for the overall management of PAS facilities. The EM is a staff member of the college.
  • Government Auditors audit the funds used for the maintenance and utilization of PAS facilities periodically.
  • The Local Inspection Committee (LIC) of the University assesses the maintenance and utilization of PAS facilities annually.
  • The institution follows the policy of decentralization in the maintenance and utilization of PAS facilities.
  • The funds required for maintenance of PAS facilities is provided by the Government of Karnataka and also the College Development Council.

Specific Policies and Procedures

  • The classrooms and its facilities are maintained by the Class Representatives with guidance from the Class Mentor. The class rooms are utilized by respective class students.
  • The Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Botany, Zoology, Computer Science and Psychology Laboratories are maintained by the respective Heads of Departments. The laboratories are utilized by the students enrolled in the respective courses.
  • Laboratory rules and regulations are prepared and displayed for students in the Student Calendar/Student Code of Conduct Handbook.
  • The IT Infrastructure of the College and WI-FI facilities are managed by the IT Committee headed by the IT Coordinator (a permanent teaching staff of the institution). WIFI facilities, provided at various vantage points, are utilized by the staff and students of the college.
  • The College Automation Software is maintained by the service provider ERELEGO Technologies.
  • The college website is maintained regularly by website the IT Committee of the College.
  • The Library Resources of the college is maintained by the Library and Reading Room Committee headed by the full time Librarian of the College.
  • The sports infrastructure of the college is maintained by Physical Director. The College also has a MOU regarding the use of the District Mahatma Gandhi Stadium by the students of the college.
  • Repair works, if and when required, are outsourced. It may also be brought to the notice the the EM who takes necessary remedial measures.
  • Solid waste is disposed-off regularly with help from the Udupi Town Municipality.
  • The CDC appoints temporary staff required for the maintenance of Physical facilities.

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