Political Science

Department of Political Science

The Department of Political Science was established in the year 2014 - 15 in Government First Grade Women’s College, Tumkur. The Political Science Department seeks to provide students with a learning experience that will equip them to face the challenges of an increasingly complex job market and prepare them to become active and engaged citizens at the regional, national and international levels.



"To develop brilliant graduates, conduct in-department research, be academically ambitious, and fulfil the international standard” 



v  To Produce graduates that lead to new academic discoveries.

v  To bring about the teaching and learning experience that produces graduates of international standard.

v  Provide Political science knowledge to improve the living quality and lifelong learning for all citizens.

v  Install and foster democracy, while upholding the traditions and customs of the society.



  • Students will acquire a working knowledge of the Indian political system.
  • Students will come to understand that there are various types of political systems around the world.
  • Students will learn about the concepts, theories, and data needed to comprehend the interactions of nations that constitute international relations, and the nature of such global institutions as the United Nations, regional alliances, and international law.
  • Students will become aware of the crucial questions raised by classical and contemporary political philosophers.
  • Students will come to understand the means of inquiry in the social sciences generally, and in political science in particular.
  • Students will be prepared to take entry level jobs in the public or private sector or to undertake graduate study, whether academic (e.g., master’s or doctoral programs in political science) or professional (e.g., law or public administration).


Manohara Babu D.N.

Assistant Professor.

Head of the Department.

Department of Political Science.

Educational qualification: M.A. Political Science, M.Phil, SLET.

Area of Specialization: Public Administration.

Date of Entry into Service: 17.07.2006

Email id: mhbabu1404@gmail.com

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