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Government First Grade College, Sullia established in July 2007, has been rendering yeoman service by imparting education to the youth from the backward sections of the society. Started with 170 students enrollment, it has reached 740 during 2019-20.The College is a unit of the Department of Collegiate Education, Government of Karnataka. The college functions in accordance with the developmental agenda and policy on higher education of the Government of Karnataka.



The mission of the college is to enrich lives, improve society and address global challenges by producing wise and able citizens

The specific missions of the institution are as follows:

  1. To become a premier institution for social transformation by providing higher education to the rural youths as also to provide higher educational opportunities to everyone in the society.
  2. Quality achievements and sustenance of the tertiary education.
  3. To make the students responsible citizens by inculcating sense of unity, harmony, co-operation, national integrity and social and civic consciousness.
  4. To provide equal opportunities for overall personality development of all the students irrespective of caste, creed, colour, religion & language.
  1. To provide  Education to the needy at an affordable cost
  2. To make provision for socially and economically weaker sections of the society to pursue higher education at lower cost.
  3. To provide a platform for exploring the talents and creative skills of students as well as the faculty.
  4. To enhance the thinking, analyzing and managing capacity of the students.
  5. To facilitate social, physical and intellectual growth of the students.
  6. To inculcate social awareness, environmental consciousness, leadership qualities and patriotism among the students. 
  7. To put students on firm footing of culture and ethics.


Achieving social justice and social equity through higher education and Empowering students to become responsible citizens.

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