The Government First Grade College was started in 2007. This college has been endeavoring to cater to the needs of the aspirants of higher/advanced academic knowledge in various disciplines like Commerce, management, Economics, History, Political Science, Sociology, Language sand Physical Education in Bangalore rural region. A multilingual district, due to its very geographical position, has assimilated the culture and customs of the surrounding areas and is progressing economically and striving to eradicate illiteracy which is course to humanity.
The Government First Grade College is located in Sulibele which is between Hoskote and Devanahalli. It is near sulibele bus stop which makes more convenient for the students from near by villages to come..
The College has an imposing ā€˜Uā€™ Structured building which very impressive. Initially, the college was started in the year 2007. in the erstwhile sericulture building. Due to sincere and dedicated efforts of the Principal and the staff of the College, New college building was opened in the year 2013.
The College has the Development counsel under the presidency of Sri. N. Nagaraja sitting MLA to look over developmental affairs of the Institution, and lead the institution in the right direction.


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