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CNR Govt. First Grade College Sriramanagar, was established on 7th of August 2007. Initially the college started in Gram Panchayat Building. . This Under Graduate Course Imports of Quality Higher education. It exploits the rural talents through Higher education. Course Imports of Quality Higher education. It exploits the rural talents through Higher education. The college is placed on state Highway in Koppal dist Karnataka. It is well connected by road the mail occupation of the people is Paddy Agriculture.

 The first year the college introduced B.A and BBM Course, later on in 2008-09 B.Com course was started.  Initially   college enrolled 23 students for BBM and 08 students for B.A.  Present college running in its own building in the donated by CHILUKURI NAGESWARRAO  So the college is called as CHILUKURI NAGESWARRAO  GOVERNMENT FIRST GRADE COLLEGE. College having 5 Acre and 01 Gunta land registered in name of Government of Karnataka.   2014 that it is  shifted in the present building and since then hundreds  of students have left the college and attained eminent positions in the social mainstream. Starting with a meager roll of 10 odd students in 2009-10, the institution has presently 136 students on it roll with 67 girl students alone., the college campus is centrally located in the Sriram nagar Town. Being multi-faculty and multi-disciplinary co-educational institution, the students pursue B A & B COM under-graduate course in Arts  , Commerce & Management next academic year college has plan to start BSc courses. The college has teaching faculty strength of 6 regular faculty members including. Assistant Professors & a sizable number of 14 guest  teaching members working on academic arrangement basis. The campus has 5 lecture rooms,  one Browsing Centre,  12 computers with broadband connectivity under (NME Scheme) and a central 1 library consisting 7000 books. Besides the college is connected with a regional beam of EDUSAT and has Satellite Interactive Terminal (SIT) facility.

 The college emblem has been construction mode with a view to inculcate the traits of an lamp  among the learners of this institution which happens to be an imaginary lighting  which on enlihting signifies ceaseless efforts on part of it to reach the zenith.

 CNR Govt. First Grade  College Sriramnagar has to a greater extent lived up-to the principle as lay down in the emblem which has been adopted more than 7years  ago. Many of the staff attends seminars, workshops, symposia at the state and national level and orientation programs and refreshers courses to update and refresh their knowledge The advanced knowledge being provided in this store house of knowledge is ably backed by virtual experiments in labs, projects and computers.

As higher education has become the privilege of the haves, the college has become a home of hope for the learners who come from the lower strata of society. The college takes great care in removing victim hood of socio-cultural and economic divides that these students come with. Beyond bookish knowledge, care is taken to ensure the emotional well-being of these students, providing them with much needed confidence and self esteem along with the requisites of communication skills. A suitable platform is provided for students` creativity and self expression in the form of wall magazine and Cultural Committee.  Sports Department takes care of the sports abilities of the students. The NSS provides ample opportunities to the physical and social development of the individual, team spirit, leadership quality and service attitude. These teachers share their experience amongst the young learners to inculcate the values of scientific temperament along with social concerns. Though minimum in numbers, the teachers make it sure that every effort is made to make the learner a competent commodity in the global market.

A comprehensive right-up in the prescribed format outlining overall programmes and action plan is presented in the main body of the report. 2 Institutional Development Proposal (IDP)-RUSA Scheme Govt. Degree College Sriramanagar Karnataka state 

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