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 Govt First Grade College Srinivaspur is established in the year 1985 largely to serve the needs of rural students, who happen to be first generation litrates.

The college boasts of well developed infrastucture with state of art labs,well stored library and other facilities.Institution owes its growth to the relentless

efforts of its staff,students and public participation. Academic excellency is the prime instinct that has a binding effect on all the activities of  our institution.

The awarding of "B" grade with CGPA 2.25 by NAAC committee in its re accrediation is testimony for all the achievements of the college. 



    •   To impart value based higher education to the rural and poor students without the menace  of hefty donations.
    •   To facilitate young adult learners with opportunities to hone their ethics and leadership potential.
    •   To sensitize learners towards inclusive social concerns, human rights, gender and environmental issues.
    •   To channelize the energy existing in the right direction to ultimately realize the dreams of the pupil, parents, and the society at large.
    •   To promote rationalism and ethical values among the students.


  1. To Produce estimable students who would exhibit the evidence of education through moral standards and declare their readiness to provide service for all the self and for the society and measure upto the civil standards.
  2. To imbue students with a sence of commitment to succeed beyond their dreams.
  3. To impart broad based knowledge to face the competitive world.
  4. To develop technical competence for enhancing empolyability.


  “The college aims to have a transformational impact on students through comprehensive education by inculcating qualities of competence,

confidence, excellence, civic responsibility, social awareness and patriotism.”


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