“ If  the poor boy cannot come to Education, Education must go to him”     

                                                                                        -Swamy Vivekananda     

        This Quote by Swamy Vivekananda very aptly enforces our responsibility towards providing education for all. All of us are credited equal. But right after birth, we are divided based on caste, religion, status and money. This, in turn changes the whole dynamics. Some get privileged and are able to access a better lifestyle while others are left scrambling for even basic survival. We, as the privileged ones, ought to have a sense of responsibility for the betterment of those less fortunate. In the fight against poverty, education could prove to be our biggest asset. Education goes a long way in bringing changes in the society by creating a fair competitive environment. We enable education for a poor student and thus enable for him/her a sea of opportunities. Government and non-government organizations  contributing  by providing scholarships for poor students.

    We, in  our College do the contributions by providing financial assistance to poor students, those who need education. Hence Vidyanidhi fund is formed in our college to help the students who are economically backword and do not avail any scholarship under any scheme, that provides financial assistance to the differently abled or needy or deserving students to help to pursue their studies in the college.



To render financial aid to the economically backword students to meet their expenses towards admission fees, examination fees, purchase of books etc. provided their need is genuine in the opinion of the college authorities. Students can avail this scheme by writing to the Convener of the Vidyanidhi Fund committee.


Guidelines for Financial Assistance for Economically Weaker Students of Government First Grade college, Shikaripura.



1.1. These guidelines may be called "Guidelines for Financial Assistant for Economically weaker students out of Vidyanidhi Find of GFGC Shikaripura.

1.2   These Guidelines shall come into force on the date of approval by the Head of the Institution/Principal of GFGC Shikaripura. Additions/Amendments approved by the Head of the Institutuio /Principal from time to time shall take effect from the date these re approved unless otherwise specified.

1.3. The ives of the guidelines is to help students of academic departments/Courses avbailable in the GFGC Shikaripura in their academic pursuits of education.  

1.4. The ives is to provide financial assistance to the students from low income families to meet the expences of their studies. 



2.1. Contribution  from Staff welfare committee  of GFGC,  Shikaripura. 

2.2   Contribution from distinguished  Alumni of the Institution. 

2.3.  Contribution from philanthropic institutions, persons and others.



3.1.  The students should be admitted to  the academic course in the GFGC Shikaripura in the current academic session.

3.2.  The student should be from low income group of any class of society. 

3.3.  The student should have secured at least 60% marks in the previous Examination in first attempt. 

3.4.  The student should provide certificate of income of parents from the Tahsildar. 

3.5.  The student should have at least 75% of attendance in all classes and should submit the attendance certificate given by the class teacher with signature and seal. 

3.6. The student should not avail any scholarship under any scheme.

        (Student should submit NOC clearance certificate).



4.1. The student enrolled in any Course of GFGC Shikaripura  and who want financial assistance from Poor students fund, has to submit application, income certificate, affidavit to the convener . the convener in turn will forward the application to the committee. 

4.2.The merit list of the students likely to be eligible among the applicants will be prepared by the Committee after the last date of submission of application. 

4.3.  The names list of financial assistance will be finalized by the Committee comprising of principal of the GFGC Shikaripura whose decision shall be final.

4.4. The income of parents of student should not exceed Rs. 200000/- per Annum as per income certificate issued by  Tahsildar.  

4.5. The candidate shall not be eligible to get financial assistance from this Fund of the College if he/she is already in receipt of any scholarship or financial assistance from any other source e.g. State Government, Central Govt, OBC scholarship, SC scholarship , ST scholarship ,Minority scholarship etc.

4.6. The rate of financial assistance may be limited to either 50% or 75% of the annual fee of the students.



5.1. The financial assistance from this fund of the Institution is renewable from year to year. 

5.2. For all financial assistance would be renewed up to the duration of the course.       

5.3. The renewal will depend on passing progress in all subjects promotion to the next class,  provided the applicant secured at least 60% or more marks in aggregate in all subjects which determines his/her promotion to the next year. It will also be subjected to the maintenance of attendance of at least 75%  in all subjects by the applicant. 

 5.4. Complaints against the applicant regarding indiscipline including any complaints of having indulged in ragging would lead to withdrawal of financial assistance.



     Sanctioned Financial Assistance will be paid to the selected students directly into their bank account opened by them and intimated to the college.


Application Form and Affidavit





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