Addon-Certificate Courses


Add on/Certificate Courses of 2022-23
 Sl. No.   Name of the Department   Course Title                 Report  
 01  Economics  Certificate Course -Manini      View


 Tourism and Hotel Management       View
 03  Social Works  Counselling and Guidance       View
 04  Political Science  Right to Information Act       View
 05  History  History of Tourism in India       View
 06  Economics  Goods and Service Tax (GST)       View
 07  Socilogy  Logical and Analytical Reasoning       View
 08  Kannada   ರಂಗಭೂಮಿ ಚಟುವಟಿಕೆ       View
 09  English  English for Competitive Exams        View
 10  Commerce  Enterpreneurship Development Schemes in India       View
 11  Management  Self-Empowerment Programme       View
 12  Science  General Science for Competitive Exams       View
 13  Computer Science  MS-Office Word and Power point       View


 Sl. No.   Course Name   Year  Details
  01   Certificate Course on Personality Development   2020-21   Report
  02   Value Added Course on Creative Writing in English   2019-20   Report
  03   Certificate Course on Communicative Skills   2019-20   Report
  04   Value Added Course on Creative writing in English   2018-19   Report
  05   Certificate Course on Communicative Skills   2018-19   Report

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