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What started as a tiny college with 78 students in the year 2014, has now, in the short span of five & odd years, grown into a familiar place of learning with 302 budding brains. While we aspire to offer more and more courses to our students in the coming days, as of now we are training our students in Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Commerce courses. Slowly, our college has evolved to cater to the needs of hundreds of rural students around. What makes us prouder is the way our girl students are slowly surpassing our boys in both number and performance, thereby, making this college’s vision a reality!

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Principal's Address:

Saraguru has been lying amidst the hills and mountains of the spectacular east-flowing Kapila river since time immemorial. Clad in the greenery of the Kapila, this Saraguru belonged to a Gram Panchayat once upon a time. With the passage of time, Saraguru inculcated a cultural tradition of its own and has attained the status of a taluk recently. In this abode of greenery, a Government First Grade College was set up on 04.06. 2014 with the efforts of the Government of Karnataka, local Ministers, people’s representatives and the people of Saraguru.  76 rural students attained education here, and have moved towards building their lives. The student strength of the college has multiplied since then with 302 students enrolled in the current academic year. In addition, the Government of Karnataka and the Department of Collegiate Education have allotted around 4 acres of land to construct a new College building, and the work of which has already begun.

The faculty of the college and its administrative staff have a bent of mind to ensure both overall development of the college and the upliftment of its students. It’s my pride also to state that they have been motivating the students to cultivate constructive thinking and move towards obtaining higher education. They have been giving competitive training to students which is essential in contemporary times. It is appreciable that the progress of the College is ensured through different Committees, which is further strengthened by the incessant efforts of the Chairman and members of the College Development Committee. I also hope that the College will develop further with the support and efforts of the MLA of this constituency, Shri. Anil Chikkamadu.    




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