Principal Messege

“The seed dropped on soil, Letter on bosom wouldn’t remain unyielding.”

                                                                                                                DEVANOORU MAHADEVA.


India is a land of diverse cultures. Various traditions of knowledge have flourished here from ancient times till date. To safe gourd and retain this healthy culture’s value should be our responsibility. Added to this, it is also our foremost duty to make the post modern, scientific as well as technical innovations accessible to youths. This should be done carefully.

Nation’s splendorous future stands exclusively upon the mode of educational system it adopts. With the mission of bringing out the hidden talent of the students, it is our goal to search their interest and talents.

Today’s educational system does not differentiate between curricular and extracurricular activities. Rather both are considered as supplementary to each other and both make a whole. In building the student’s personality, in elevating the GFFGC Sagar to a higher level our experienced and able faculty work in enthusiastically to achieve the end.

Moreover, it is our pride that all academic activities such as study, teaching, research works are student centre. Consequently the college is stepping forward ain achieving value based and quality education. In making the student creative dynamic and spirited our faculty works passionately.

Following the rules of NEP suitable opportunity is created to pursue the new inter-disciplinary courses. In collaboration with the community, the college is sincerely putting effort to take it towards perfection extending the activities to refinement and upliftment.

We are optimistic that the students cultivate the qualities like truth, scarifies, sincerity, brotherhood, friendship and co operation and understanding the real values they will contribute in building a strong nation.

So it is our wish as the great writer of our land Devanooru Mahadeva rightly says - “The seed dropped on soil, Letter on bosom wouldn’t remain unyielding.”