Organizational Structure of College

The college has efficient organizational structure and functions under the purview of the Department of Collegiate Education (DCE), Government of Karnataka. The college strictly adhere to the rules and regulations of the DCE in taking policy decisions and major issues at the macro level. At the institution level, principal being the institutional head and drawing officer who is suitably supported by the Manager, superintendent other administrative staff in the matter of administration, establishment, academic, accounts and other important sections which looks after service rules, procedures, recruitment, promotional policies etc.. As far as the academic part of the college is concerned, there are head of department, respective department faculty, librarian and physical education director who all work as a well-knit unit in successfully carrying out all the academic activities under the careful supervision and guidance of the principal.

Besides, the college does have an internal organizational structure in the form of College Development Council with constituency (local) MLA as its chairman, College principal as its secretary, few members nominated by the MLA, one or two senior teachers and office superintendent nominated from the college as its members by the principal respectively. The main ives of this committee is to monitor the progress, augment infrastructure facilities, mobilize funds for various development activities of the college. 

GLCR Organization Structure

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