We have started a mission to empower all section of society with the light of knowledge. We have broad scope of anxiety such as making our students good citizens at the level of city, state, nation, in reality, the whole world. Our concern is whether we are able to build the qualification of respect, sympathy, love, tolerance, honesty and above all, humanity as teacher. 

Alumni meet which creates a special relationship between those students who have passed and who have already established themselves in a large, out world. I believe that an alumni meeting is a perfect platform for all of you to meet your friends and teachers and revive the contacts. 

The concept of alumni association evolved for need from both the ends i,e academicians and professionals in the aim of building a bridge between college life and career life, so that fresh graduates are made proactive to face the current challenges of competitive world. Both ends shall work hand in hand help each other for achieving the goal. The idea took shape and formation of alumni association turned into reality. 

We delightfully welcome you all to be a part of our strong network of former GLC students. We encourage you to stay in touch with us so that we can provide you with support and benefit for life that may be through providing career support, helping you to reconnect with old friends. 

GLC has shaped many educationists, managers, teachers etc. The alumni brings all these people together on a single platform and develops synergetic plan to aid and improve the college. So stay together with our own alumni network and activity bearers to monitor the developments and it should work continuously towards its vision for a better tomorrow. 

With the Tagline of SNEHAMILANA is the name give to GLC RAMANAGARA Alumni association with a motto of uniting all the alumni members under the umbrella of GLC, growing together forever. 

All graduates passing out of GLC RAMANAGARA shall be eligible for the membership of the Association. 

Membership fee:

Annual membership      -     Rs. 100/- 

Life membership           -    Rs. 1000/- 

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