Vision Mission and Goals


  • Providing Quality education to rural Youth


  • The college imports quality education for the youths aimed at enhancing employability and to make them good citizens
  •  Upliftment of socio-economic and educational back ward and downtrodden sections of society.
  • To achieve cent percent results with an emphasis on enhancing intelligent  and emotional quotient. The college orients at providing education that enhance the overall development and personality  of an individual through various activities  related to the curricular and co curricular .The quality of education  that college imparts is aimed at employability and to be useful  citizen.
  • To promote quality and excellence in teaching and learning process



  • Building a strong bond among internal and external stakeholders by conducting regular interaction with them


  • Organizing special talks on curriculum with the help of external stakeholders like NGOs, institutions, alumni, industries etc.


  • Easy access towards using technology


  •  Sustenance of overall equity


  •  Achieving excellence in teaching learning environment


  •  Strengthening career and placement cell

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