Code Of Conduct




Code of conduct for students

  •  Students should attend the classes regularly .75% attendance is mandatory
  •  Disciplinary actions will be brought to the notice of parent in case unwanted absenteeism and misconduct .
  •  Student attendance in curricular and extracurricular activities is compulsory
  •  Everybody must participate in National Anthem right at 10 AM
  •  Everyone should co-operate to keep the college campus clean. Environmental protection is our responsibility.
  •  Paper plastic pieces and chocolate covers should not be thrown in the college premises.
  •  Writing on walls, desks and benches of the college is forbidden.
  •  Students must attend the national festivals celebrated at the college as directed by the government.
  •  Students should come in calm manner and resolve any dispute among themselves in the presence of Principal and disciplinary committee.
  •  Maintain silence in the college campus /strictly restricted the unnecessarily wondering in the corridor. Make use of library in the free time .
  •  Usage of mobile phone is strictly prohibited .If such cases found in the classroom, mobile phone will be seized and fined.
  •  All students Should develop a habit of watching notice board every day .Any information ,instructions from the university, government and college  will be displayed  on the notice board from time to time.
  •  All Students must wear Uniforms on prescribed days.
  •  Wearing Identity card is compulsory in the college campus.
  •  Returning books borrowed from the library with in the stipulated period is compulsory.
  •  Mid-day meal programme has been implemented for all students in the view of academic progress.
  •  Anti ranging cell is established in the college campus, which enlightens the student communities against






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