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The primary aim of this college was to provide access to education to rural students in this region.  It was envisaged as an important step in the goal of equity and inclusiveness.  The college provides a calm and serine environment for the pursuit of academics.  Since inceptions, about 400 students in 5 batches in graduated from this institution.Upholding the college motto which believes that education leads to liberation, the college ensures quality education to its students.  It ensures that the students are not only educated but are also liberated through education.  Education frees them from the ties of ignorance superstition, caste, creed, religion and gender, liberating them into free and thinking individuals.  Thus they become self dependent and self reliant.  The college does not merely equip them to face examinations but also leads them towards leading successful and meaningful lives becoming valuable citizens of the country.  Future projection put this college as a leading centre to transfer students to join the stream of young talented individuals who from the youth power in India.
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