R.N.DESHPANDE,GFGC,MULGUND,STARTED -2007

                             ADMISSION STRENGTH-2022-23





        The Govt of Karnataka State is to take higher education to the common man and bring about regional balance in higher education. With this great vision to make higher education affordable to the poorest of the poor of all sections of the society especially for backward class  students. the Government of Karnataka started Government First Grade College in Mulgund Village during the academic year 2007-08. The college is  affiliated to Karnataka University, Dharwad with 2(f) and 12(b).having strength of 592. It comes under the jurisdiction of Dharwad Regional Joint Director Office. This college is offering quality education for students of Arts, Commerce courses. There was no independent building previously which was started in S.J.J.M. Aided Pvt. P U College campus, Mulgund. In the year 2011-12 college was shifted to a new our own premises.     5 acres of land, by this opportunity helps to develop the college, the Department has insisted the  Govt First Grade College, Mulgund.Presently the College is running in our own building in a ground floor and First floor consisting of 13 ,ICT  O4 Class rooms, Library, computer lab with 15 computer. and principal  chamber. Ladies and boys rest room respectively and sports ground (4 acres)Even though our college is situated in rural and backward area, the academic atmosphere is good.  infrastructure and permanent faculty utilizing in the best way. In the past 13 years the college has given consistent commendable results and excellent performance by the students. This has enabled the college to attract a growing number of students from all sections of the society in the year 2016-17 the NAAC Committee visited and given 2.34 CGPA Point With’ B’ Grade Top in The Gadag District.


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