Mission Vision and Goals


 Shri R N Deshpande Govt First Grade Degree College,Mulgund , prepares, and empowers students to succeed in a changing world.
This means:
  • We inspire students to learn and to develop as whole people: intellectually, physically, and emotionally
  • We inspire students to continue learning throughout life
  • We prepare and empower students to be successful by helping them develop the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to enter or progress within the work force or to transfer to a four-year institution, and to adapt and thrive in our increasingly diverse and ever-changing world..


      To be a national leader in transforming lives through an innovative, rigorous, and compassionate approach to education.
This means:

  • We continually strive to strengthen and improve the positive impact we have on our students and community: transforming their lives, as well as our own, through our work
  • We will become known nationally as an institution that "makes a difference"
  • We continually strive to innovate – finding new and more effective ways to educate and serve students


College Goals is a private consulting practice with a wealth of experience to support and motivate young people towards setting goals and achieving success throughout their higher education experience. We are committed to serving students and families from all parts of the world and all kinds of educational backgrounds who are primarily interested in pursing opportunities for higher education.

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