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About our college:

Procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical  academic and support facilities:

  1. Construction of buildings, class rooms, library, toilet, ladies rest room and other physical infra-structure of Shri R.N. Deshpande Govt First Grade College, Mulgund is done by the department of collegiate education with the help of PWD Government of Karnataka.
  2. The College services grants from the department of collegiate education for books, journals, equipments and contingency for the year 2018-19 the total grants received from state government was Rs. 40,200/- under the Quasi- government heads tiles C.D.C., C.D.F. etc maintain for repair of electric works computer toilet cleaning, some office expenses night watchman, CCTV surveillance etc, was maintained.
  3. While purchasing  an equipment from any fund it is always ensured that the installation charges and maintained charges (within warranty period) are provided by the company which delivers the equipments.

Program outcomes :

BA learning outcomes:

  • Understand how cultural, historical, geographical, political, linguistics, and environmentalforces shape the the world and recognize the role of the indivigual within community to effect change.
  • Recognize and appreciate the real world context of the knowledge
  • Promote active citizenship and community engagement.
  • Practice creative thinking and expression
  • Demonstrate the capacity to argue in innovative direction
  • Demonstrate the ability to extract and convey information accurately in variety of format
  • Identify, locate,comprehend,and critically evaluate and qualitative informayion using visual, numerical, and textual sources
  • Literacy and communication.
  • Evaluate and conduct research.
  • Identify gaps and limitations in the existing literature.
  • Apply approate research methodology to specific problem
  • Professional development and ehical behavior
  • Collaborate respectfully with others.

Bcom learning outcomes:

The students will be ready for employment in functional area like accounting, taxation, banking, insurance and corporate law. An Aptitude for working effectively and efficiently in business management. Learner will gain knowledge of various disciplines of commerce, business, accounting, economics, finance, auditing and marketing.

  • Students also acquire skills to work as tax consultant, audit assistant and other financial supporting services.
  • Students have choice to pursue professional courses such as ICAI, Mcom, MBA, ICMA etc.
  • Students are able play roles of businessmen, entrepreuner, manager, consult, which will help leaner to posse‚Äôs knowledge and other soft skills and react with critical decision making.
  • On the successful completion of this courses the students are enabled with the knowledge in the practical applications of accounting, learn principles and concepts of accounting, company accounts etc.
  • Students acquire new skills on applications statistical tools and technique in business decision making, popular quantitative tools used in business, practical exposure on calculation of measuring average, correlation, and regression.
  • It enables the students to understand the theories of foreign trade in wide range.
  • Awareness about capital structure and theories of capital structure cost of capital, dividend policies.
  • To inculcate knowledge on oriented programming concepts C++.


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