Brief about IQAC

The College is having IQAC Cell established on 25.07.2004 and functions on the guidelines issued by
NAAC. It works for making use of updated technology in Higher Education and infrastructural
developments. IQAC is effective and efficient as internal as coordinating and monitoring mechanism. The
IQAC plays a dominant role in developing accommodative and reciprocative methods to improve the
academic stages, both qualitative and quantitative.
Our Institution has prepared a perspective plan since 2013-14 to 2018-19 as per the quality indicators and
criteria of NAAC. While preparing the plan, IQAC has taken initiative and measures in incorporating the
mission-vision goals academically and institutionally. It goes without saying that the exotic role of IQAC
in preparing and implementing the plans both qualitatively and quantitatively is admirable. In this venture,
we really manifest and consolidate the efficacy and proficiency of the teaching fraternity in order to enrich
and excel the rural stakeholders through well-designed programs i.e. Classroom teaching, PowerPoint

  AQAR 2018-19  Minutes of meetings 2018

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