1. Driven by a vision and mission for realization of ives socially uplifting, academically enriching and empowering through value based holistic, learner – centered education.
  2. Wide popular acceptance by the local people within a short period of eight years.
  3. The college has its own building affiliated to Rani Channamma University, Belagavi.
  4. Student centered curriculam delivery practices to enrich the knowledge base of heterogeneous groups of students.
  5. Though not a Research Center, attempts to create ambience in the campus achieved by the visits of subject experts during regularly organized regional level seminars and student projects develops research culture amongst students.
  6. Strong mentoring and student support system which takes care of student’s needs.
  7. A committed Principal and internal quality committee ensure quality enhancement and sustenance initiatives.
  8. Inter-woven curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular student engagements both on track and stage with meritorious outcomes like achievements in the field of sports.
  9. Unlimited extension opportunities like rural camps, MOUs with local NGOs, life skills, civic awareness programs to infuse students with the sense of responsible citizenship for nation building.

10. All round and unlimited support from the College Development Council and all stakeholders for smooth functioning of the institution.



  1. Lack of and inadequate sufficient permanent teaching / non-teaching staff.
  2. Insufficient funds to organize innovative training programs to meet global challenges.
  3. Insufficient infrastructure to meet the outnumbered student enrollment.
  4. Lack of modern class rooms.
  5. Dearth of spacious rooms to hold seminars and co-curricular events.



  1. Scope for introduction of more academic programmes in future.
  2. Up-gradation of teaching – learning facilities.
  3. Organizing conferences / seminars / workshops.
  4. Introduction of community outreach programmes.
  5. To strengthen the tie-ups with other higher learning Institutions to further to broaden the avenues for higher learning and research.



  1. Tough competition from the good old reputed neighbouring Institutions.
  2. Mismatch between available programmes and changing industry demands.
  3. To procure autonomy for further enhancement of functional quality both in academics and administration.
  4. Attracting students by restructuring courses to meet the competitive be employment requirements since the syllabus and courses are set by the university.
  5. To enhance job opportunities for our students by strengthening industry – academia relation.
  6. In the semester mode, with acute time constraint, emphasizing on co curricular, extra curricular activities, sports and games, outreach programmes etc, is quite challenging.

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