Mission Vision and Goals


The mission of this institution is to educate and train the young students in our most ancient and valuable legal and judicial system and to produce men of great merit who will be competent to make great contribution not only in the cause of education but also in developing a healthy democratic system.
To create awareness of human right, value system, culture, heritage, scientific temper and environment.
To promote legal education to meet the professional standards
To bring legal awareness among the people especially in the rural fringe.
To advance and disseminate learning in students with their creativity and team spirit by dedication and devotion in legal knowledge.



Government Law College has been established in memory of the greatest jurist Vijnaneshwara, the author of mitakshara of 12th century. Thus, the college is unique one in the country not only in the interest of study of our ancient legal, judicial and constitutional system and is also of great national importance


Tomake them socio-legal responsive citizens.
To expose students to the world and national legal traditions.
To empower them legal intellectuals.


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