International Multi-Disciplinary Conference held in Dubai on 6th - 10th November 2019

Sucide effects and preventive measures 28-3-2019

Mock Parliament 24 and 25 March 2018

Women and Law 26-2-2019

IQAC 1-3-2019

workshop on Human Rights and Indian Values 19-02-2018

Women Enpowerment and Indian Constitution 08-03-2017

Best Practices in Administrative aspects on 26-10-2015

Best Practices in Administrative aspects on 26-10-2015

Best Practice in Administrative aspects

Best Practice in Administrative aspects

NAAC Meeting

NAAC Meeting

NAAC Meeting


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It is a matter of dream come true for the people in Law academics in particular and Legal Profession in Hyderabad Karnataka when the Government of Karnataka decided to establish Vijnaneshwara Government Law College Martur Gulbarga in Hyderabad Karnataka. This has kindled the hope in the minds of people involved in legal education and legal profession that there are going to be significant welcome changes in legal education and consequently in legal profession and allied activities. It has been a long cherished dream of the people of Hyderabad Karnataka that there should be a Law College to provide a good quality legal education as law is a very important profession and a great tool of social reformation and development. If the health of individual human beings in a society is protected and maintained by people of medical profession, it is through the people involved in legal profession that health of the entire society is protected and maintained. I consider it as a matter of great privilege that the Ministry of Law, Justice and Human Rights has reposed confidence in me and permitted me as a principal to establish a Law college in Martur, Kalaburagi

1. The College was established in the Academic Year 2009-10

2. The College came into existence in the Academic Year 2013-14

3. The College does not have its own building. Government has sanctioned 08 Acres and 19 Gunts of Land at Martur Village, District Kalaburagi.

4. The College has been running on the basis of lease from Gulbarga University till the building is completed.

5. The College has been shifted from Martur to Gulbarga University due to the lack of basic infrastructure.

6. The Proposal has sent to the Government for construction of Vijnaneshwara Government Law College building at Martur.


The mission of this institution is to educate and train the young students in our most ancient and valuable legal and judicial system and to produce men of great merit who will be competent to make great contribution not only in the cause of education but also in developing a healthy democratic system.
1. To create awareness of human right, value system, culture, heritage, scientific temper and environment.
2. To promote legal education to meet the professional standards
3. To bring legal awareness among the people especially in the rural fringe.
4. To advance and disseminate learning in students with their creativity and team spirit by dedication and devotion in legal knowledge.


1. Tomake them socio-legal responsive citizens.
2. To expose students to the world and national legal traditions.
3. To empower them legal intellectuals.


The Vision of the college is to Transform Karnataka into a legally conscious Society by providing quality education which is professionally competent, socially relevant and by informal legal education, Training and extension activities take justices to the door steps of common man and secure Human Right to every one.

Government Law College has been established in memory of the greatest jurist Vijnaneshwara, the author of mitakshara of 12th century. Thus, the college is unique one in the country not only in the interest of study of our ancient legal, judicial and constitutional system and is also of great national importance

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