Vision - Mission and Goals


     Education for self-reliance, self-realisation and socio-economic empowerment of girl students


     To provide quality education for the empowerment of under privileged and rurally placed women

     To facilitate students to become responsible citizens with ethical values

     To promote leadership qualities and decision-making abilities among students


    Excellence in education

    Empowerment of students to evolve into positive personality

    Emotional development for self-awareness and self-preservation

    Physical development for a healthy body and mind as well as self-discipline

    Empathetic approach towards others, social awareness and spirit of tolerance


  • Dedication to providing quality education to girls.
  • Strive to motivate students so as to realise the pre-eminence of education.
  • Venture to build communities through quality education
  • Preserve integrity in serving the down-trodden.
  • Aspire to build positive influence to instil social and ethical values
  • Endeavour to create opportunities for the economically weak.
  • Empathise with the less privileged.
  • Inspire to perceive the significance of women’s rights.
  • Seek to respect and value self, society and nature.
  • Celebrate unity in diverse religious and cultural backgrounds.

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    • Aug 13
      union inauguration

      Academic year 2019-2020 college union inauguration was held in Town Hall Mangalore. MLA D.Vedavyasa Kamath, -13/08/2019 to 13/08/2019

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