Code of Conduct for Students

The following are banned on the campus and the offenders will be severely dealt with:

All types of intoxicants (drugs, alcohol, marijuana, etc.) smoking, cheating, stealing, provocation, threats, pressure  tactics, fights and use of abusive/vulgar languages.

Ragging is criminal:

Ragging in any form, is strictly prohibited and any student found guilty of this liable to be expelled from the institution and students concerned will be handed over to the police as per the Supreme Court order.

Interfering /tampering

Interfering /tampering with any of the records/property of college is a serious offence and will result in suspension.

Attendance  Rules

  • Above 75% attendance in all subjects till the end of each semester is compulsory.
  • As per the Mangalore University Regulations, no condonation fees are allowed in case  of shortage of attendance