Library User Guidelines

Library User Guidelines

  1.  Library will remain open for all the users on all working days.
  2.  Students are required to show their ID cards while entering the library, while borrowing books and at any time when requested by the library staff.
  3. Students are requested to leave their bags outside the library, handbags and personnel belongings etc. Do not bring and keep any valuables as the library will not be responsible for them.
  4.  Each student and staff will be permitted to borrow books as per norms d.
  5. Renewals are allowed two times only when there is no claim by others.
  6. Reference books, journals/Magazines, newspapers and CD/DVD’s will not be issued.
  7. Books lost/marked or written with ink or pencil, torn/pages taken out or defilement in any other form will be taken seriously and the borrower will be penalized. He/She will be required to replace the book.
  8. Refreshment or foodstuff of any kind will not be allowed inside the library.
  9.  The library staff has the authority to recall a book at any time.
  10. All library users are expected to read the notice board for library timings and other facilities.
  11. Mobiles phones are banned in the library, anybody found using them will be penalized and the handset confiscated.
  12. Keeping in mind that the library is a place for individual study and research, students are required to maintain in atmosphere of peace and quiet within the library premises.
  13. Books loaned should be protected from RAIN, DUST, INSECTS, etc.  
  14. All the library users are required to strictly adhere to the above regulations and cooperate with the library staff for smooth and efficient functioning of the library.

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