Library Services and Facilities

Lending / Circulation Service: This section represents the hub of library activities where lending out of books to readers is facilitated. In the Circulation Section Various functions are  undertaken viz. Registration of new members, lending of books , reminders for overdue books, reservation of books, renewal of books are done in this section.

Reference and Referral Service: The basic ive of the reference section is to assist the clientele to use resources of the library in an effective manner leading to their optimum utilization. Reference service is the most intensive kind of personal service which attempts to bring together the user and information in a personal way. 

User/Library Orientation: Library offers user/library orientation to all the students at the inauguration of the college. In this students were made aware of all the library resources, facilities, services, working hours of the library, staff in the library and also feedback and suggestion were welcomed. Further, library guidance or rules were also explained.

Referral Service: The referral service is a process of ing a person with a need or problem with a service which will meet the need or solve the problem. For example, this type of service would provide detailed information, including contact information, mailing address, telephone number, etc., about where a person could go to receive childhood immunizations.

Career Information Service: Competitive Examinations and Career Information Center has been established to help our students to successfully pass through various competitive examinations. For this purpose, fair collection of books, periodicals and other documents on Competitive Examinations, Career Planning, Personality Development, Communication skills etc have been stacked. Documents required for preparing to various recruitments, common entrance examinations and competitive examinations have been collected and updated regularly for reference by Students and staff.

Book Bank Facility: Book bank facility is provided to the economically backward class students.

Old Question Papers Service: The College Library maintains old question papers of all the UG courses offered by our college since the establishment of college/library. The old question papers are kept in reference service and all the library users can use it. (Click here for online scanned old qiestion papers)  

New Arrivals: Library collection development is the primary work in every library. Our college library develops its collection and displays in the New Arrivals Display racks, so that every user may know the new collection in the library.

Periodicals Facility: This section aim is to provide inspiration, recreation and current information to the readers. Due to vast knowledge explosion, newspapers and periodicals literature has a very important role in these days in all fields like Science and Technology, Arts and Humanities, and Commerce and Management. Readers get current information from periodical literature rather than books. In this section readers have access to Newspapers, Magazines and journals through which they find announcement relating to admissions, vacancies employment, and examination results. All the Journals and Magazines subscribed are displayed on the Display Rack in library. 

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