1.  The institution located in the prime area of the metropolitan with ample roadway connectivity and transport expediency.

2.  All the activities are aligned to the accomplishment of the vision and mission of the Institution.

3.  Administered by highly dynamic, dedicated and workaholic Principal.

4.  Well-qualified, committed and spirited huddle of teachers. 

5.  Experienced administrative staff.

6.  Highly transparent and hassle free administration.

7.  The harmonization between the Principal and the Staff significantly contributes to the fulfillment of mission of the institution.

8.  Well-equipped labs for the conduct of practical classes for undergraduate programmes.

9. Well-stocked library and use of ICT in teaching enhances the learning pedagogy.

10.  Resourceful library with internet facility, INFLIBNET, having 17,971 volumes and fifteen National and International journals. Besides automated with Library Management Software – Easylib.

11.  Steady student enrollment.

12.  Commendable university results.

13.  Majority of students are from socio-economically backward segment of the society.

14.  Excellent rapport between teachers and students.

15.  The IQAC has been pro-actively engaged in all activities of the institution.

16.  Tie-up with leading companies and institutions for the conduct of co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

17.  The participation of faculty in Faculty Development Programmes like Refresher/Orientation Courses, Seminars, Conferences and Workshops is an indication of the policy of the Institution in

       empowering and supporting faculty enrichment.

18.  Extension activities through the NSS, NCC, Rovers and Rangers, Youth Red Cross and Eco club are well accepted by the community at large.

19.  Exceptional sports and games facilities.

20.  Gymnasium on run in the campus




1.  Being an affiliated institution, the institution does not enjoy autonomy to design syllabi.

2.  The institution is governed by the State Government and hence it does not enjoy the discretionary power to decide the new programmes and new generation courses.

3.  Lack of financial support for research related activities.

4.  Student-computer ratio yet to be balanced.

5.  Insufficient infrastructure to meet the outnumbered student enrollment.

6.  Inadequate number of smart class rooms.

7.  Dearth of spacious auditorium that houses plentiful of audience to hold seminars and co-curricular events.

8.  Transfers and deputations of the teachers distract the academic focus.

9.  Increased dependence on Guest faculty to meet teaching assignments.

9.  Paucity of space required for campus expansion for possible landscaping, greenery, garden etc.

10.  Lack of indoor stadium.

11.  Lack of supporting staff for appropriate campus maintenance.




1.  Scope for introduction of more academic programmes in future.

2. Further up-gradation of teaching –learning facilities.

3.  Scope for adding PG programmes and development of a Research Centre.

4.  Introduction of more skill-based, Add-on and certificate courses to suitably fit the learners into job market.

5.  Organizing more and more Conferences/Seminars/Workshops.

6.  Introduction of community outreach programmes.

7.  The institution can work with feeder colleges to identify innovative methods of enhancing student output.

8.  To strengthen the tie-ups with other higher learning Institutions to further broaden the avenues for higher learning and research.

9.  Hostel facilities for both boys and girls

10. Scope for procuring autonomy




1.  Tough competition from the good old reputed neighboring institutions.

2.  Larger cross- section of students is found to have poor academic and economic foundation.

3. Less focus on fundamental programmes

4. Mismatch between available programmes and changing industry demands.

5.  Attracting students by restructuring courses to meet the competitive employment requirements as the syllabi and courses are set by the university.

6.  To enhance job opportunities for our students by strengthening industry-academia relation.

7.  In the semester mode, with acute time constraint, emphasizing on co-curricular, extra-curricular activities, sports and games, outreach programmes etc, is quite challenging.

8.  It is the obligation of the institution to admit all students, sometimes even with minimum percentage in the qualifying examination. This poses a big challenge for the

     institution in transforming students of average academic abilities to outstanding students.