Code of Ethics and Conduct for the Teaching staff 

  1. All Teaching staff of the college should maintain harmonious relations with other teaching staff and students.
  2. Teaching staff should maintain confidentiality in conduct of examination and any other Information, unless asked to reveal by the institutional authority.
  3. All teaching staff should follow the instructions and directions of the higher authority like the Commissioner, Director, Joint Director, Additional Director and any other officials of the Department of Collegiate Education, Government of Karnataka.
  4. All the teaching staff should constructively contribute toward the development of the college and university.
  5. All the teaching staff should strictly adhere to the academic requirement of the institution and maintain the sanctity of academic environment.
  6. Teaching staff must maintain high standards of punctuality, honesty and professional ethics.
  7. They should work within the institutional policies and practices, so as to satisfy the vision and mission of the institute.
  8. Teaching staff must ensure that they are dressed decently, safely and appropriately for the tasks they undertake.
  9. Teaching staff should co-operate and collaborate with colleagues and external agencies, necessary to support the development of the college and students.
  10. Teaching staff should act in a professional and congenial manner towards colleagues, irrespective of their relative position, gender or status within the institutional hierarchy.
  11. All the teaching staff shall extend their services for the welfare of the community & society at large.
  12. All the teaching staff should properly maintain the records of respective portfolio.
  13. All the teaching staff should try for the continuous development through training programs, workshops and research and development activities.

Code of Ethics  and Conduct for Non-Teaching staff 

  1. All the non-teaching staff should follow the instructions and directions of the higher authority like the Commissioner, Director, Joint Director, Additional Director and any other officials of the Department of Collegiate Education, Government of Karnataka.
  2. All the non-teaching staff should remain present in the college, at least 30 min before the commencement  of the college.
  3. The Non-teaching staff should follow the instructions from the higher authorities.
  4. They should carry out the assigned work with complete zeal.
  5. They should be regular and punctual and carryout the work allotted to them on time.
  6. They should maintain professional ethics in the campus and should maintain proper behavior in the authorities and students.
  7. They should carry out additional work assigned to them
  8. Carrying out the responsibilities assigned time to time.

Code of Ethics and Conduct for Students

The students are expected-

  • to maintain decorum and mannerly behaviour inside the lecture halls as well as on the college campus. They shall abide by the rules and regulations laid by the College. Any sort of deviant behaviour such as jarring, whistling, loitering etc. will be treated as an instance of indiscipline.
  • to compulsorily attend all the classes (both theory and practical classes) without fail and under encounter of unforeseen situations, a minimum of 75% attendance is mandatory.
  • to be present inside the lecture halls and laboratories well in advance or at least five minutes before the commencement of classes. Late coming shall be treated as absence
  • to stand-up as a token of reverence when the teacher enters the lecture hall and may sit on his/her consent. No student shall enter or leave the lecture hall or laboratory when the session is on without the permission of the teacher concerned.
  • to maintain silence in the lecture halls as well as on the campus right through the college  hours.
  • to leave the college premises after the college hours and loitering in the campus without  reason is strictly prohibited.
  • to compulsorily wear their identity cards issued by the institution on the college campus. Denial of that alone invites disciplinary action.
  • to avoid all kinds of tattooing, body piercing, hair styling etc. which are against the existing  social norms and the spirit of academic values.
  • to dress aptly that augments the dignity of the institution.
  • Consumption of intoxicants / psychotropic substances in any form or smoking or using chewing gum, pan masala etc. are strictly prohibited.
  • to use dust bins and co-operate with the house keeping staff to keep the entire campus clean  and tidy.
  • to refrain from scribbling on walls, doors and furniture which could deface the college and destroy the academic ambience.
  • to handle the furniture, laboratory apparatus, fixtures and appliances of the college with utmost care. Any sort of damage caused to the property of the college; the accountable  students will have to bear the cost of replacement/repair with fine.
  • to refrain from ragging, anti-institutional, anti-national, anti-social, communal, immoral and political activities in the college campus as they are ionable and liable to be treated as  criminal offence by the law enforcing agencies as per the directives of Hon'ble Supreme  Court of India.
  •  not to bring their friends or relatives to the college premises without any specific purpose. If any student is found with a stranger on the college campus, disciplinary procedure will be initiated against him/her.
  • to watch notice board, WhatsApp group and college website frequently for updates.
  • to prudently handle the books borrowed from the library and return intact on the specified date. If found damaged or lost, the liable student shall either replace or defray the cost of the  book.
  • to evade use of polythene bags, plastic bottles and any other non-degradable items in the college campus as they are strictly forbidden.



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