2019 - 20

2019 - 20

Sl. No. Name of the teacher Title of the book/ chapters published Title of the paper Title of the proceedings of the conference National/ International year of publication ISBN/ ISSN number of the proceeding Affiliating Institute at the time of publication Name of the publisher
1 Dr. B. Mahadevaswamy   The Role and Imprtance of Diet in Yoga - Study Education Development and Social Welfare International Jan-18 978-0-359-68150-1    
2 DR. MOHAN DAS Handbook of Career Information: Multiple Potential       2019 ISBN 978-81-944475-3-5   Bruhath Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike, Bengaluru, Karnataka
3 DR. MOHAN DAS Sarala Samvidhan - Vidyarthigaligagi       2019 ISBN 978-81-944475-1-1   Bruhath Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike, Bengaluru, Karnataka
4 DR. MOHAN DAS Vruththi Mahithi Kaipidi (vivida Samarthyakke sambandisidanthe)       2019 ISBN 978-81-944475-2-8   Bruhath Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike, Bengaluru, Karnataka
5 MUKTAI B. HALEJOLAD International Journal of Innovative Practice & Applied Research Role of Digital Library in E-learning - A Study   International Dec-19 ISSN 2349-8978   Haldia Institute of Management
6 DR. PRASADA SWAMY Guharayagala Nadu       2019     Karnataka Sahithya Academy, Bengaluru
7 PRATHIMA M BIDARIMATH -- The causes for the decline of the Mayryan Empire in India -- International A peer reviewed, reffered Scholarly Quarterly Journal Vol 9, Special Issue 19, Oct-Dec 2019 ISSN:2349-8978 GFGC, Malleswaram, Bangalore HALDIA Institute of Management, Purbamedinipur, West Bengal
8 PRATHIMA M BIDARIMATH -- Educational Problems of Adolescents Behavioural & Learning Difficulties among Students in Higher Edcucation - Issues & Challenges National 2019 ISBN:978-81-941002-0-1 GFGC, Malleswaram, Bangalore DEEP Publication Wing, GFGC, Malleswaram
9 PRATHIMA M BIDARIMATH -- Intectual Property Rights & Traditional Knowledge Indian Perspective Intellectual Property Rights Issues & Challenges National 2019 ISBN:978-81-937642-0-6 GFGC, Malleswaram, Bangalore DEEP Publication Wing, GFGC, Malleswaram
10 PRATHIMA M BIDARIMATH -- The Split of Indian National Congress in 1969 & its Impact on Mysuru State South Indian History Congress, 39th Annual Session Proceedings National 2019 ISSN2229-3671
UGC Care Listed Journal
GFGC, Malleswaram, Bangalore South Indian History Congress, Hyderabad
11 DR .RAVIKUMAR B. MINAJIGI Management Accounting       2019(Enlarged)   GFGCMB Rukmapur Prakashana, Kalaburgi
12 DR. SAHANA PRIYADARSHINI   International journal of Creative research thoughts- Vol 7,Issue 3, Women in Mahaswetadevi's Breast Giver, and Dhouli   Jul-19 ISSN- 2320-2882, reg ID- 191482 GFGCMB  
13 DR. SAHANA PRIYADARSHINI   International Journal of Academic Research , Vol .6, Issue- 9 (2) The self in Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness   Sep-19 ISSN- 2348-7666 GFGCMB  
14 DR. SAHANA PRIYADARSHINI   Journal of Emerging technologies and Innovative Research, Vol.7,Issue. 4, The Vachana Tradition and Teachings of Guru Nanak Devji: A comparative note-Vol.7,Issue. 4   2019 ISSN- 2349-5162 - 43922 GEGCMB  
15 DR. SAHANA PRIYADARSHINI   A Journal of Composition theory , Vol. XIII . Issue III Issues of Class and Gender in Rudali   2019 ISSN_ 0731-6755-43891 GFGCMB  
16 DR. SAHANA PRIYADARSHINI   Diverse Faces of nationalism-vol 1 Nationalism And Growth of Indian Art   Jan-20 ISBN-978-81-936180-5-9 GFGCMB  
17 SHIVANNA K.M. International Journal of Innovative Practice & Applied Research Customer Loyalty and Customer Perception: Factors Affect the Management in Style in a Business   International oct-Dec 2019 2349-8978 GFGCMB Haldia Institute of Management
18 Dr. S.C.Shivashankar International Journal of Multi Disciplinary Research & Development Co operative Bank Lending - An Agricultural Perspective   International Mar-20 2349- 5979 GFGCMB  
19 Dr. C SWAMYNATHAN Income Tax Assessment Year 2019-20 NA NA NA 2019 ISBN 978-93-5359-594-4 NA Kalyani Publishers
20 Dr. C SWAMYNATHAN Indian Financial Institutions and Markets NA NA NA 2019 ISBN 978-93-5359-887-7 NA Kalyani Publishers
21 Dr. C SWAMYNATHAN Business Taxation NA NA NA 2019 ISBN 978-93-5359-047-5 NA Kalyani Publishers

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