2017 - 18

2017 - 18

Sl. No. Name of the teacher Title of the book/ chapters published Title of the paper Title of the proceedings of the conference National/ International year of publication ISBN/ ISSN number of the proceeding Affiliating Institute at the time of publication Name of the publisher
1 DR. JAYALAKSHMI SREEDHAR   Impact of Determinants on Capital Structure and Its relevance in Indian Stock Market using Pecking Order Theory LPG - 25 year's of India's Experience - Strength, Opportunities and Challenges National 2018   GFGCMB GFGCMB
2 DR. JAYALAKSHMI SREEDHAR   A Study to Asses the Knowledge and Attitude of Mothers regarding Child abuse at selected area in Bangalore Urban District Behavioural and Learning Difficulties among Students in Higher Education - Issues and Challenges National   9788194100201 GFGCMB GFGCMB & Jayvee International Publications Pvt. Ltd
3 LATHA T International Journal of Academic Research voice of Intellectuals Rural Tourism in India - a SWOC Analysis Special Isuue on Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Rural Development International Aug-17 ISSN 2348-7666 GFGCMB  
4 Dr. B. Mahadevaswamy Educational Development and social Welfare Creating Sports Environment - A Study 6th International Multidisciplinary Conference on Educational Development and Social Welfare   Jan-18 ISBN 978-1-387-53005-2    
5 Dr. B. Mahadevaswamy International Journal of Academic Research, Voice of Intellectuals Physical Education and thje Intellectual Development of Children in Rural Area special issue on Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Rural Development International Aug-17 ISSN 2348 7666    
6 Dr. B. Mahadevaswamy Global Innovative Research Dimensions A Study on different teaching styles of Physical Education 7th International Multidisciplinary Conference International Jun-18 ISBN 978-1-387-88973-0    
7 Dr. B. Mahadevaswamy   The Role and Imprtance of Diet in Yoga - Study Education Development and Social Welfare International Jan-18 978-0-359-68150-1    
8 MUKTAI B. HALEJOLAD Intellectual Property Rights: Issues and Challenges Copyrights and Digital Libraries   National Apr-18      
9 DR. PRASADA SWAMY Lokada Pariye illa       2017 9789381803622   Kanva Prakashana, Bengalore40
10 DR. PRASADA SWAMY Neeru Thandavaru       2017 9789381803608   Kanva Prakashana, Bengalore40
11 PRATHIMA M BIDARIMATH -- Effective Integration of ICT in Higher Education Reformation in Higher Education: Challenges Concers & New Dirctions National 2018 ISBN:978-81-933447-4-3 GFGC, Malleswaram, Bangalore Lal Bahadur Shastri GFGC, RT Nagar, Bangalore
12 PRATHIMA M BIDARIMATH -- Nehru Drusthiyalli Bharatha New Trends in Indian History 1800-2016 AD National Conference 14th March 2018 978-81-920-681-3-8 GFGC, Malleswaram, Bangalore Manoj Publication, Bangalore
13 PRATHIMA M BIDARIMATH -- Women Empowerment through Education in India - An Overview Multi Disciplinary Researches in Empowerment of Women, Water Resource Management Culture, Tourism & Recent Emerging Trends in India International Conference 27th & 28th March 2018 978-81-920-681-6-9 GFGC, Malleswaram, Bangalore Manoj Publication, Padmanabhanagar,Bangalore
14 DR. ROOPAVATHI V.   Impact of GST on GDP of Indian Economy - A Study Implications of GST on Indian Business Opportunities & Challenges 2017 National 2017 978-93-5281-583-8 GFGC, Sandur,Bellary GFGC, Malur
15 DR. SAHANA PRIYADARSHINI   Impact of Globalisation on Women workers in India LPG - 25 years of India's Experience, Strengths, Opportunities & Chanllenges   2018 ISBN 978-93-5300-717-1 GFGCMB  
16 DR. SAHANA PRIYADARSHINI   Use of motivational stratrgies in teaching english as a Foreign language in classroom- A study Educational development and social welfare vol XIII   Jan 27, 2018 ISBN 978-0-359-68150-1 GFGCMB  
17 SHIVANNA K.M. Educational Development and Social Welfare Special and Emerging Issues on Business Ethics in a Global Economy - A Review     Jan-18 978-0-359-68150-1   Lulu Enterprises UK Ltd
18 SHUBHA S   Associative Regressive Decision rule Mining for predicting customer satisfactory patterns    International Jan-18 978-1-921987-49-6, DOI : 10.5121/csit.2016.60411    DTMN 2016” , David C. Wyld et al. (Eds) : CSITY, SIGPRO, AIFZ, NWCOM, DTMN, GRAPHHOC – 2016, pp. 121–134, 2016. © CS & IT-CSCP 2016
19 SRILATHA M C   A Study on Activity Concentration of Primordial Radionuclide of Building Materials in Ramanagar and Tumkur Districts Solid State NuclearTrack Detectors and their Applications National Oct-17   GFGCMB Vidya Vikas Institute of Engineering and Technology, Mysuru
20 Dr. SUJATHA H. Educational Development and Social Welfare Volume -XII A Study on political programmes for Tribal development in India     Jan 27, 2018 978-1-387-57889-4 GFGCMB Lulu Enterprises UK Ltd.
21 Dr. SUJATHA H.   Impact of Economic Liberalisation on Indian Cooperative Movement A Compendium of Vibrant Karntaka - Issues and Challenges National 2018 ISBN - 978-93-5300-717-1 GFGCMB GFGC, Malleshwaram, Bengaluru
22 C SWAMYNATHAN Behavioural and Learning Diffficulties among students in Higher Education - Issues and Challenges Academic Stress - A Challlenge to the Student Community of Higher Education National level Conference on "Behavioural and Learning Diffficulties among students in Higher Education - Issues and Challenges" National 15th March 2018 ISBN 978-81-941002-0-1 Abhaya Hospital & GFGC, Malleshwaram, Bangalore DEEP Publishing Wing of GFGC, Malleshwaram
23 C SWAMYNATHAN Income Tax Assessment Year 2017-18 NA NA NA 2017 ISBN 978-93-272-7774-6 NA Kalyani Publishers
24 C SWAMYNATHAN Goods and Service Tax NA NA NA 2017 ISBN 978-93-272-8115-6 NA Kalyani Publishers
25 UMA B/M. Adhunika Bharathada Nirmathru Dr. B.R.Ambedkar - A Collection of Articles Dalitha Sahithyada Mahathva     2018 ISBN 978-81-8343-076-7 GFGCMB  
26 UMA B/M. Living Sociology - Trimasika Geetha Nagabhushanravara Sahithyadalli Sthree     Mar-18 ISSN 2320-6365 GFGCMB

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