SWOC REPORT


 The college is based on a unique philosophy of education which combines the material with the spiritual and offers students to develop themselves as fully integrated individuals

The college can boost of near perfect academic discipline

The college has dedicated faculty, highly efficient support staff and a team of monastic members who are available on the campus

The college has consider a reputed institution of higher learning and this makes it possible to get a great deal of support and cooperation

The NSS wing of the college have been active and participated with great enthusiasm in activities

First aid training, Health awareness programme.



A lack of space which prevents the college building.

The social economic background of many of the students admitted in the college is responsible for core language competence.

 Within the existing structure the college finds it difficult to respond to the varied need.


  The level of academic excellence which the college has acquired makes it possible for our students to get entry into institute of global repute.

The new learning of the age requires greater proficiency in soft skills among students.

The vision of the college makes it imperative to engage in socially relevant programmes.


How to greater more space within the campus is the one of the major challenges that the college has to deal with a sense of urgency.

 Retaining the unique character of the college in an increasingly consumerist society possess a great challenge to the ideals the institution upholds.

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