Vision Mission and Goals

 OUR VISION:        

                  To provide the sense of creativity and good knowledge to young pupils  in the bloomig world of education.

      The our motto that domonates the work culture is to one of the patriotism and education throughly with

      confidently and thus prove indispensable to all and make the  student feel contributed.




         1. Imparting value based higher education to the rural and poor students

         2. promoting rationalism and scientific-ethical values among the students

         3. To encourage under graduta education and provide quality inputs to higher educational institues

         4. To provide quality education and providing the opportunities to face  the problems in the competative field

         5. To awareness among the women about their basic human rights

         6. To work toword the all round devt. of the personality of the students




        1. To increase the passing percentage

        2. To facilitate at least 10% of our students to go for higher education either for PG or professional courses

        3. To create self devt. and life skills of readers

        4. To provide the broad based knowledge to face the competative world

        5. To builds foundation for life long learning

        6. To enhance critical and analytical abilities

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