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Sri. Kalavara Varadaraj M Shetty Government First Grade College was established in 2007 by the Government of Karnataka with the noble intention of making higher education accessible to rural youth. Situated in the southernmost part of Udupi District, Kundapura is the Taluk head quarter of Kundapura Taluk and the college is located in Koteshwara village is set in a typical rural background. Average students of the region range from low to middle income groups. Higher education has remained a distant dream for the majority of the youth due to their poor economic background and the non availability of higher education opportunities in the locality.  

Inception of the College

India is known for its rich cultural diversity as well as its wide disparity between the rural and the urban. Education has played a major role in bridging this disparity since independence. One of the key indicators of rural development is the accessibility to higher education. It is precisely in this context the establishment of a First Grade College at Kundapura-Koteshwara ,Udupi District deserves a special note. Prior to the inception of this college, any youth who dreamt of pursuing higher education was not only forced to spend a huge amount of money as fee but also had to travel a great distance to realize the idea. Furthermore, inadequate and often poor transport facilities made it almost impossible for an average student to achieve the optimum results even when one dared to dream differently. All these factors resulted in developing a negative attitude about higher education among the rural youth. It required a truly transformative action to change the ambience of the region and the initiative to start a first grade college by the government provided exactly that to the region: an opportunity for everyone to pursue the dream of higher education.


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