Mission Vision and Goals




Our College aspires to achieve academic excellence with a holistic approach to transform the students into intelligent, creative, responsible and peace loving citizens of the world.




  • Provide a conducive atmosphere to achieve academic excellence
  • Make the teaching-learning process interdisciplinary and research oriented, intellectually and practically enriching.
  • Inculcate competitive spirit, social responsibility and leadership qualities among students.
  • Sensitize the students on Environment, gender equity and social justice.
  • Transform the students into intellectuals with the potential to contribute to the domain of knowledge.


  • Sharpen the critical, analytical and technical skills and increase the knowledge capital of the students
  • Enhance the employability quotient of the students
  • Enhance their potential through skill based learning to help them shoulder individual and social responsibilities
  • Promote research oriented mindset and scientific temperament in students
  • Contribute productive human resources who can shape the nation’s destiny