Mission Vision and Goals




To empower students by providing high quality, affordable education that fosters in them a spirit of inquiry, a modern outlook, respect for law, empathy for the less privileged and endow them with the necessary professional skills to be a part of the global work-force striving for the enrichment of one’s life and the welfare of humankind.


To produce responsible, Innovative, productive citizenry and to nurture a community of lifelong learners in a culturally and traditionally rich environment.



  • To impart value added education to the students.
  • Developing student intellect and also shaping their character.
  • To provide education based on moral and ethical values, allowing students to imbibe invaluable tenets such as justice, honesty, empathy, compassion, sense of responsibility and respect for others opinions.
  • Guiding the students to develop independent thinking, initiative enterprise and resilience. So that they can effectively apply the knowledge they acquire.
  • Equipping students with critical skills they need to compete in today’s rapidly advancing world, and also to face the emerging challenges confidently.
  • To enhance our research capabilities to address issues of national interest in accordance with New Education Policy (NEP).
  •  Help students to garner decision making skills and pursue careers of their choice.
  • To design our outreachprogrammes to benefit the stakeholders and the society in a much greater way and to ensure that parents become equal partners in the education of their children. 

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