code of Conduct




  • Ø The student shall observe and follow the academic calendar of the Institute.
  • Ø Students shall only use the waste bins for dispensing waste materials

within the Campus including classrooms, hostels and offices.

  • Ø Students should not throw litters in the Institute campus.
  • Ø Student have to park their vehicles in parking zone only
  • Ø No person shall be invited to address or entertain the students of the

college, without the previous written permission of authorities.

  • Ø Students are prohibited from indulging in anti-institutional, antinational, antisocial, communal, immoral or political expressions and activities within the Campus and hostels.
  • Ø All Educational tours or Industrial visits shall be accompanied by the

faculty members after obtaining necessary undertaking from the Parents / Guardian of the students.

  • Ø Unauthorized entry of outsiders into the campus as well as hostels is

strictly prohibited. Without specific permission of the authorities,

students shall not bring outsiders to the College or hostels.

  • Ø Any case of criminal activity or violation of law and order in the College Campus will be reported to the police.


  1. ID-CARD


  • Ø The student should carry identity card with her regularly and the   

identity card should be produce when demanded by the authorized 

persons of the Institute.

  • Ø At the time of issuing a book, the Identity Card must be presented along with the Library card.


  • Ø Students are expected to wear college uniform to the college every day.




  • Ø The student should switch off their mobile phones while in the class

room, Laboratory and Library etc. as per notification.

  • Mobile phone is strictly prohibited in the exam hall during the





  • Ø Student should be regular in attendance for all sessions during the day
  • Ø If the student is found irregular in attendance, disciplinary action will be taken.
  • Ø Student should have at least 75% attendance in the Lectures.
  • Ø


  • Ø Candidates must appear at the examination hall half an hour before the commencement of the examination.
  • Ø Candidates should produce their exam admission card.
  • Ø Candidates should wear college ID card.
  • Ø Mobile phone is strictly prohibited in the exam hall during the


  • Ø Candidates should not communicate with one another in any manner

whatsoever during the examination.

  • Ø A candidate is permitted to bring the following items to an exam: pen,

pencil, drafting instruments, and, if specifically permitted, electronic

calculators. All equipment brought to the examination must be placed on the candidate’s desk and kept in view during the examination.




  • Ø Loud/impolite talk/use of unparliamentarily language which offends the listener would be dealt with seriously.
  • Ø Expected to spend their free time in the Library/Reading Room.



  • Ø Staff must be punctual
  • Ø Staff should contribute to the vision, mission and goals of Institute
  • Ø staff Members should follow the rules and regulations of the


  • Ø Staff should work in cooperation and collaborative manner with others

through academic and administrative activities

  • Ø Staff must attend all functions of the College



  • Ø The Faculty Member should report to the college at least 10 minutes

before the commencement of college timing.

  • Ø Whenever a Faculty Member intends to take leave, the Faculty Member

should get the leave sanctioned in advance and with proper alternate

arrangements made for class

  • Ø Once the subject is allotted the staff should prepare lecture wise lesson


  • Ø The Staff should get the lesson plan and course file - approved by HOD

and Principal. The course file should be maintained as per the prescribed


  • Ø The Staff should not involve himself/herself in any unethical practice

while doing continuous assessment.

  • Ø The Faculty Member must strive to prepare himself/ herself academically

to meet all the challenges and requirements in the methodology of

teaching so that the input may be useful for the student community at


  • Ø The staff should get the feedback from students and act / adjust the

teaching appropriately

  • Ø Every Faculty Member should maintain academic work dairy.
  • Ø The staff should make use “Information Communication Technology

(ICT)" for effective delivery.

  • Ø The staff should encourage students asking doubts / questions.
  • Ø Engaging students in their learning
  • Ø Test, prelim, mid-term, submission and mock practical examination must

be conducted as per the academic calendar

  • Ø All the staff members are required to submit their Self Evaluation Report

at the end of every term of the academic year in the prescribed format

  • Ø Faculty Members are expected to update their knowledge by attending

seminars/workshops/conference, after obtaining necessary permission

from the Head of the Department and Principal.

  • Ø Faculty Members should attempt to publish text books, research papers in

reputed International / Indian Journals / Conferences.

  • Ø In addition to the teaching, the Faculty Member should take additional

responsibilities as assigned by HOD / Principal in academic, co-curricular

  • or extra-curricular activities.



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