Research Publications


Assistant Professor of Social Work

Government First Grade College, KR Nagar

Mysuru District, Karnataka, India -571 602

Mobile: +91 94487 66290 •


Scholarly Contributions

   A. Referred Journal Publications (ISSN)

  • Madar, Shiddappa, & Mohan, A. K. (2018). Health Care Practices Among Out-Migrated Lambani’s: An Ethnographic Study. Review Journal Philosophy & Social Science (RJPSS), 43(1), 176-182. (P-0258-1701, e- 2454-3403)
  • Mohan, A. K., & Madar, Shiddappa. (2017). Issues and challenges of sexual minorities in Karnataka: A comparative study. Deeksha - An Annual Journal of Social Work, 15(01), 84-90. (2250-3919)
  • Madar, Shiddappa, & Mohan, A. K. (2016). Awareness on sexual transmission infections (STIs) among sexual minorities in Mysuru city: An exploratory study. IRA-International Journal of Educational and Multidisciplinary Studies, 03(01), 54-66. (2455–2526)
  • Madar, Shiddappa, & Mohan, A. K.  (2016). Out-migration of Lambani community: An observations. International Journal of Multidiscipline Educational Research, 05(4.1),175-184. (2277-7881)
  • Madar, Shiddappa, & Mohan, A. K.  (2015). Perception and concerns of pediatric counseling: A case of CLHIVs in Belagavi. International Journal of Psychosocial Research, Special issue, 26-32. (0976-3937)
  • Madar, Shiddappa, & Mohan, A. K.  (2014). Elected Dalit women participation in the gram panchayats of Gokak in Belgaum district. International Journal of Multidisciplinary Educational Research, 03(5.2), 231-248. (2277-7881)

    B. Articles published in Books (ISBN)

  • Worked as a writing team member of Mysuru and Chikkamangalore district (2015) Human Development report funded by Zila Panchayat of Mysuru and Chikkamangalore, project leaded by Department of Economic and Co-operation, University of Mysore, Manasagangothi, Mysore.   
  • Nadaf, H. R., Siddharud, A. M., & Sharnabasavaraj, (2012). School Social Work: An Emerging Area of Intervention, Towards Universalisation of Secondary Education in North-East India, Sri Siddalingeshwara Prakashana, Gulbarga, Karnataka, 227-236. (ISBN No: 978-93-81227-55-8)

     C. Paper presentations

  • Presented a paper on “Scope of School Social Work: An Indian Context” in a two-day National Conferences on ‘ Fostering Holistic Responses to School Counselling’ organized by Department of Post Graduate Studies in Social Work, SDM, College (Autonomous), Ujire, on 23rd & 24th November, 2018.
  • Presented a paper on “Health Care Practices Among Migrated Lambanis: An Ethnographic Study” in five-day XL Indian Social Science Congress on ‘Social Work Education and Practice in contemporary India and Abroad’ organized by Department of Social Work, University of Mysore, 19-23, December, 2016.
  • Presented a paper on “Out-Migration of Lambanis Community: An Observation”, in two-day National Conference on Empowering people: Effective Social Work Approach and Strategies, organized by Department of Social Work, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore,  3 & 4, December, 2015.
  • Presented a paper on “Elected SC/ST Women Participants in Gram Panchayats of Gokak Taluk”, in a three-day XXXII Annual National Conference of Indian Society of Professional Social Work on ‘innovation in Women Empowerment: Social Work Perspective, organized by Department of Social Work, Karnataka State Women’s University, Bijapur, on 20-23 January, 2014.
  • Presented a paper on “Standardisation of Social Work Education in India” in a day National seminar on Social Work Education: ‘Employability, and Employment Opportunities in National and International Perspectives’ organized by St. Joseph’s College, Pilathra (Kannur district, Kerala) on 22nd  & 23rd March, 2013.
  • Presented a paper on Awareness on Sexual Transmitation Infections (STIs) among Sexual Minorities in Mysuru City: An Exploratory Study” in a two-day First Mysore International Conferences on ‘Medical and Social Sciences’ organized by Department of Community Medicine (MMC & RI), in collaboration with University of Mysore, Mysuru held on 1 & 2 May, 2015. 
  • Presented a paper on A Study on Agriculture Bonded Labourers in Gokak Taluk of Belagavi District” in a two-day International Conferences on ‘Dignity and worth of peoples in a Globalised Economy: Role of State, Enterprises, Corporates and Social Workers Building inclusive Societies’ organized by Karnataka Association of Professional Social Workers, Bengaluru and Department of Social Work, Christ University, Bengaluru held on 27 & 28 August, 2015. 
  • Presented a paper on Perception and Concerns of Pediatric Counseling: A Case of CLHIVs in Belagavi” in a two-day International Conferences on ‘Counselling and Psychotherapy: Diversity in Training and Practice’ organized by Sampuna Montford college, Bengaluru held on 1 & 2 May, 2015.  
  • Presented a paper on A Study on Coping Strategies of Dual Burden (HIV and TB) Victims in Vijayapur District of Karnataka” in a three-day International Conferences on ‘ Community Empowerment, Coping, Resilience and Hope’ organized by The Brisban Institute of Strengths Based Practice, Australia and CARPED, Hyderabad on 14- 16th December, 2014.

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