Government First Grade College for Women, K R Nagar was established in 2009, in a socially, economically and educationally backward locality surrounded by villages. It is located in Krishnarajanagara Taluk, Mysuru District. The college is in rural ambience. The College is affiliated to the University of Mysore, Mysuru and it is offering B.A, B.Sc, B.B.A and B.Com under graduate course together M.Com and M.Sc in chemistry PG courses to the rural students.The college has presently 6 Ph d Holders, with 28 research papers 45 Books and Chapters. The college has 3 Block, it has wifi enabled campus with 9 ICT enabled Classrooms and 56 computers. the College has conducted many extension activities like Aids Awareness, Women Safety, Swachhata abhiyaan etc. the College has library with 13,689 books. Many Seminars and Conferences have been conducted in college Recently National Webinar was Conducted on " Financial Empowerment ThroughWealth Creation" in association with Association of Mutual funds of India(AMFI)

As for the given academic year 2020-21 the total strength of the students is 803. The college has been functioning since 2009 (10 years) and B grade is accredited by NAAC.


The college is thriving to achieve overall development in relation to students, faculty, infrastructure and society. This proposal aims to overall development of the college in the facets of infrastructure with basic amenities, modernization of class rooms and laboratories, computerization of library, automation of administrative work, Wi-Fi network installation, faculty development, personality development of students and faculties and career development creating employability. It intends to serve poor, marginal, alienated community and to nurture humane citizens for a good society.

Best Practices

Title of the Practice: EACH ONE TEACH ONE

Description: An activity for encouraging digital banking in rural areas. We believe teachers can enlighten students and empower them to come out from the entangles of illiteracy. Students are taught about various banking operations and made them aware of the practical issues dealt with banking operations. Although banking is a course for BCom/BBA students practical work is not included in the paper. The activity is conducted for students of all streams. The uniqueness of this activity is that students have to teach the learnt activity in class to their family members and share their experience in the open class. Objectives of the Practice The ive of this activity is described below

1. To enable students to participate in banking operations easily

2. To create empowered students and make them socially responsive by helping their family members and surrounding people.

3. To enable students use digital banking

4. To avoid money hacks and cyber crimes

The Context

It is seen on the outer layer that all the villagers have bank accounts and they are using banking services frequently. But in core one can experience, that Inspite of banks efforts towards financial inclusion, rural customers are not aware about the various services offered by banks and even they don’t have the technical knowledge of the banking system. They get their forms filled with others and a huge crowd lies in front of each bank. people find it impossible to comprehend the new technologies of banks. Students pay their online fees through browsing centres. The Practice The activity is to make students learn various banking transactions and they have to teach another person and submit it as an assignment. Various activities included are Filling forms for Payment and Remittance Services: Filling forms for Overdraft Using Online Banking: Using Mobile Banking Use of Credit and Debit Cards Money Transfer Evidence of Success

The college has made an MOU with bank of Baroda and State bank of India which has created a success to educate various students regarding various banking operations. all the students are informed about the schemes of banks and students actively participate with numerous doubts. Making students and families use the facilities present in the college itself is treated as success. Around 300 students have submitted their assignments and has expressed their happiness for transacting easily with banks. Problems Encountered and Resources Required Since many of our students are from kannada medium and filling forms and other transactions were either in English or hindi students lacked confidence and found it difficult to learn. A sense of aversion was encountered during the process.

TITLE OF THE PRACTICE: Entrepreneurship Development


A programme called the Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP) assists in the growth of entrepreneurial skills. Through this programme, students are taught the skills necessary to successfully run a business. Sometimes students may possess the skills, but they need to be developed and mentored.They match this programme just right. This programme comprises of a methodicaltraining procedure to help someone become an entrepreneur. It aids in obtaining the skills and knowledge required to fulfil the role of an entrepreneur successfully.


This program's ive is to inspire participants to pursue entrepreneurship as a career and to equip them with the skills necessary to successfully take advantage of market opportunities for their own businesses.

These goals may be established on a short-term or long-term basis.

1 Creation of Employment Opportunities: EDP wants to encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to work for themselves. It creates prospects for employment and selfemployment in the processing of native raw resources for use locally and for export.

2.Promotion of First-Generation Entrepreneurs: One of EDP's primary goals is to support first-generation entrepreneurs without a background in business.

3 To Develop a Broad Vision: One of EDP's goals is to cultivate a broad perspective that will enable one to see the business as a whole and integrate one's functions in to it.

4 To alleviate entrepreneurs' fears and provide answers to their issues: When starting and running their businesses, new entrepreneurs must deal with numerous challenges. One of the key goals of EDP is to ease entrepreneurs' uncertainties and provide solutions to their problems. It aids business owners in establishing or resetting the work alone and together with his group to achieve the company's goals.

5 To produce a successful entrepreneur: Producing successful entrepreneurs is one of EDP's primary goals. For individuals who select a career path differ from traditional roles, it offers positive guidance. The process of entrepreneurial development places a strong emphasis on training, education, readjustment, and the establishment of conductive and healthy environments for the growth of businesses.

The Context

It is true that entrepreneurs can develop through education, training, and experience; they are not always brought into the world. Even while entrepreneurial talent exists in every community, the socioeconomic climate prevents it from developing.

Entrepreneurship demands a setting where the entrepreneur can learn, carry out his given duties effectively, and alter his mindset.

For those who opt for a career path different from standard professions, entrepreneurial development aims to offer helpful guidance.

The training, education, reorientatio, and construction of a supportive and conducive atmosphere for the growth of enterprise are the main goals of the entrepreneurial development process.

The Practice

The activity is to make students learn various entrepreneur activityOn 7.3.2017.. entrepreneurship programme was conducted in college Youth leadership programme for entrepreneurship development was conducted on8.9.2017 Workshop on Role of banks in entrepreneurship development was conducted in thecollege on 15.2.2019 Open market for students was conducted on 13-03-2020. Training from a tailor as a collaborative activity was conducted during the year2021

Evidence of Success

Employment Opportunities : many students have taken entrepreneurship as their carrier, they have started small and tiny business.

2 First-Generation Businessmen : our college had conducted open market for thestudents to showcase their innovativeness, many students had come up with great ideas, they had developed new products like soaps, toothpaste, energy drinks,protein shake, flower bouqets made with papers and clothes. Decoratives and many more.it gives them the motivation to become the first generation businessmen

3. Generation of Employment Opportunities : by innovations and developmentshappening in the college, it generates the students an employment opportunities

4. Creating a successful entrepreneur: One of the main aim of EDP is to create the successful entrepreneurs. It provides constructive direction for those who choose a career path different from traditional roles.

5. Creation of Conductive and healthy environment for the growth of entrepreneurs : The process of entrepreneurial development focuses on training,education, creation of conductive and healthyenvironment.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required Most of the students from our college are from rural background, it seemed quite difficult to make up understand about certain skills, though they possess, they are not aware to incorporate. Since many of our students are from kannada medium students lacked confidence and found it difficult to learn. A sense of difficulty was encountered during the process.

Institutional Distinctiveness

 The college aims at creating a resilient women. The resilient woman can still "spring through" difficult times using a combination of intensive self management techniques and a positive mental attitude. The resilient woman may not be able to avoid difficult life situations, such as getting divorced, losing her job,  or having her benefits cut. In our practice, we discovered that ideas of resilience are increasingly directed towards women in media

The institution has fallowing ives.
To Enable girls the self - confidence risks in a world full with opportunities. people more susceptible to victimizations such as unjustified stress, violent crimes against women, sexual assaults and rapes, acid attacks, murders, and suicides.
To improve their family connection, a primary source of support that is sometimes neglected because of conflicting beliefs, a lack of communication, and unhealthy relationships
To address their own vulnerabilities in their newfound independence and life exposure, where it is more typical for people to give in to bad friendships, peer pressure, addictions, unsafe sexual activity, or unexpected pregnancies.
To safely use the internet, mobile devices, and other media without endangering one's personal safety, as th e majority of girls suffer harm as a result of disclosing personal and financial information and uploading im ages and videos, which places them in the hands of evil forces.
To understand expectations for married life and to comprehend how attitudes toward marriage are evolving in order to lessen the number of infidelities, divorces, and other marital problems.
Dealing with the greater independence, economic freedom, mobility options, increased competition, and increased expectations for all pressure and quick outcomes that have resulted in changing value systems and lifestyles.
Activities undertaken in this regard:
1. Building business leaders who are socially and morally responsible: We encourage our college's socially minded students to participate in a variety of student social responsibility projects. From bridge course through convocation, we have always worked to give back to society and develop ethically responsible citizens.
2.PROMOTING PATRIOTIC AND SPIRITUAL BELIEF: Success is rooted in patriotism and spirituality. Several events are held under the National Integration Forum to inspire kids to feel patriotic. Annual spiritual lectures, where spiritual gurus from all backgrounds connect with students and help them develop their spirituality, have always served as a vehicle for inculcating spirituality.
3. Celebration of Gandhi Jayanthi and hosting an event on the subject of Gandhian philosophy, such as  a variety show, a competition for patriotic songs, an elocution contest, a quiz, and many others On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanthi, freedom fighters are honoured. Debate on the nation's contribution by freedom fighters. The National Anthem is sung at the conclusion of every function.

3. Instilling POSITIVE THINKING AND ETHICAL BEHAVIOR: Given the rising suicide rates, it is heartbreaking to witness how quickly young students give up. Fortunately for us, however, our students have never engaged in such dreadful incidents over the years, and this is solely due to their positive outlook.

4. Promoting an ecosystem that encourages creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial instincts: The institute has always encouraged and promoted student talent, and as a result, many of our alumni are now well-known successful businesspeople, corporate executives, aspiring second-generation family business leaders, actors, politicians, artists, social activists, etc. An active entrepreneurship cell has ignited students' business plans and provided them with the crucial support they needed to launch their ventures. Giving students unique attendance credits has encouraged their passions in the arts, entertainment, and business.
5. EMPOWERING STUDENTS TO BE TECHNOLOGICALLY COMPETENT AND GLOBALLY EMPOWERED: Empowerment begins at home. We give students the chance to plan events on their own, and by doing so, we make sure they get realworld experience. The college has also held a number of important and original programmes over the years, which have helped it to rise to new heights and win the love and devotion of students. The vast majority of our students are first-generation literate individuals from socioeconomically deprived backgrounds. Students from isolated communities in the District and State as well as the urban underprivileged apply for admission here. The success stories of these students, who come from all walks of life, demonstrate the clear vision of our founding fathers and the initiative taken by the College for the efficient realisation of that aim. Success is demonstrated not only by the student earning a degree but also by the significant rise in students' levels of confidence.
The institution has recognised that value-based education should be a fundamental component of India's educational system without getting caught up in the rat race to maintain only viable and "in demand"
courses and subjects.
The variety of disciplines and combinations available, particularly in the Humanities—some only at ourCollege—make it the perfect setting for the brightest minds to pursue their vernacular passions. A Strong ALUMNI ASSOCIATION to build social values
The College stands out for a variety of reasons. The College has been giving the krishnarajanagar taluk's rural youngsters a high-quality education.

The college has a unique position in this regard. A strong alumni association supports all of the college's initiatives. Awareness of Mental Health Concerns and the Presence of Counselors on Campus The challenges that affect women in the twenty-first century have received particular focus, particularly those relating to sexual identities, mental health, and workplace sexual harassment. The college has hired counsellors to be on hand for students who need more individualised and personal assistance.
These counsellors meet with teachers to support them in fostering a gender-sensitive and enabling classroom climate in addition to meeting with students for individual counselling sessions.
Self – confident girls in a world are full with opportunities. Women who are self confident are able to avoid various issues such as unjustified stress, violent crimes, sexual assaults through their strength. Family connection is a main source of support that is sometimes neglected because of conflicting beliefs, a lack of communication, and unhealthy relationships To safely use the internet, mobile devices, and other media without endangering one's personal safety, some of the tasks is given to the students to make uses of all such facilities. Managing with the pressure and high efficiency brought on by greater independence, economic freedom, mobility alternatives, increased competitiveness, and changing value systems and lifestyles

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