About Youth Red Cross

Indian Red Cross Society is a premier humanitarian organization which through its seven principles continued to do the activities which has been acclaimed by all sections of society nationally and internationally without any expectation.

Government of Karnataka has visualized the need for grooming the youths for the new generation and as come out with a historic order to enroll the youths by all colleges by affiliating to Indian Red Cross Society under the banner of Youth Red Cross. Each college is having a Youth Red Cross Unit and thereby the students of affiliated colleges become the ‘Ambassadors’ of Indian Red Cross Society, Karnataka State Branch.

We are reminded of the famous quote of Late Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru the former Prime Minister of India that “The youth of today is the driving force of tomorrow”. It is our duty to mould the youth to become socially useful citizens of the country.

Each generation passes on the torch of development to the next. Hence it becomes the challenge for the present generation to groom the future of tomorrow and that is the ‘Youth’. Youth Red Cross it is a group movement organized for students in colleges.

Activities of Youth Red Cross :

  • Promotion of Health, Awareness about HIV / AIDS
  • Awareness campaign on hazards of drug addiction
  • Awareness about Health programs, Service to others
  • Providing First Aid for wounded / sick, Relief work during emergencies
  • Dissemination of Red Cross Movement, Developing Friendship, State & National Integration Camps
  • Communal harmony, Literacy campaign / youth exchange program
  • Understanding & accepting of civil responsibilities.

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